Vancouver aquarium treating emaciated sea lion shot at least twice in the

first_imgVANCOUVER – Animal rescuers at the Vancouver Aquarium’s marine mammal centre say they’re trying to save a California sea lion that was shot in the face.The adult male, which the team named Senor Cinco after he was found on the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo, was spotted on the beach at Spanish Banks, emaciated and unresponsive.The aquarium says in a news release that it took several days to stabilize the animal, and on Tuesday a team was able to give him a full examination under a general anaesthetic where they discovered he had been shot at least twice in the face.Dr. Martin Haulena, the aquarium’s head veterinarian, says the sea lion’s teeth are shattered, he is blind in one eye and the injuries indicate he’s been in distress for weeks.Haulena says it’s too early to tell if Senor Cinco will be a candidate for release, but he has a long road to recovery ahead.California sea lions breed off the coast of Southern California and the Baja Peninsula, but during non-breeding season a large number of males migrate north to B.C.last_img read more

Suzanne DeLaurentiis Operation Hollywood Helps Out With New Film

first_imgProducer and Writer Peter Weed of Florida-based Peterbuilt Productions will begin filming his new film “Wheeler” this fall. “Wheeler” is a feel-good, family film based on the novel “Ordinary Guy Wheeler” written by Weed.Written by Jaime Jessup, James J. Ruscella and Peter Weed, “Wheeler” is a heartwarming story about veteran truck driver named Guy Wheeler who returns home to Tennessee from Afghanistan. Despite being surrounded by his loving and colorful family of fellow truck drivers, “Wheeler” struggles with adjusting back to home and his wife who is having difficulty becoming pregnant.While dealing with his inner turmoil, “Wheeler” befriends a nine-year-old boy over the CB Radio who lifts his spirits and warms his heart. His newfound faith is tested, however, with a major event that includes an action-packed sequence involving explosives and a school bus that will leave audiences cheering for our truck driver turned hero.“This story will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will tug on your heartstrings,” says Weed. “Break out the popcorn and enjoy.”Weed launched Peterbuilt Productions in 1996 and graduated with a degree in Film Technology in 2000. Weed has written several screenplays and worked on many feature films. Weed strives to create “God honoring, family friendly features with all the action, romance, drama and comedy of Hollywood’s best movies without taking away the family value.”Lucille Elmer, a partner of Peterbuilt Productions, will also be on board as a Co-Producer and Production Designer.Peterbuilt Productions is excited to be partnering with independent Hollywood producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis and participating in her Operation Hollywood program, which hires and trains veterans to work on Hollywood movie sets.Some of Suzanne’s independent filmmaking credits include 10th & Wolf, The Grief Tourist, How Sweet It Is, Area 407, Out of the Black, Shut-up Kiss and Me, A Month of Sundays, Black Gold. She has been involved with making over one hundred features films.Copyright ©2013Look to the Starslast_img read more

GPS helps RCMP find stolen equipment in Dawson Creek

first_imgTwo men, known to police were arrested and are currently in custody. The investigation is ongoing. DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – A GPS system helped to find stolen equipment in Dawson Creek.On Tuesday, August 14, Beaverlodge RCMP in requested the assistance from the Dawson Creek RCMP with the recovery of stolen heavy equipment. Two skid steers were stolen sometime overnight from Beaverlodge and the GPS was showing the equipment was in the Dawson Creek area.Utilizing satellite imagery an approximate location was determined and police located yellow skid steers that matched the description of the stolen machines. During the investigation, police also recovered four pickup trucks, believed to be stolen, as well as other suspected stolen property.last_img

Worst intersections in Fort St John

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – ICBC has released their numbers for the worst intersections in Fort St. John.Data posted by ICBC is as of March 31, 2018, and includes all crash types including casualty crashes resulting in injury or fatality and property damage accidents.#100 crashes – 100 St & Hwy 97N & Turning lane#91 crashes – 100 Ave & Hwy 97N & Old Fort Road & Turning lane#76 crashes – 100 Ave & 100 St#67 crashes – 93 Ave & 96 St & 96A St#63 crashes – 108 St & 109 St & Hwy 97 N & Turning lane#60 crashes – 100 St & 93 AveTo view the crash scale; CLICK HERElast_img

Morocco Train Leaves Station Without Driver

Rabat – An ONCF passenger train with twenty people onboard rolled out of its station on Monday without its driver who had allegedly gone for a coffee.According to local media reports, the train was on its way to Rabat from the city of Kenitra when it suddenly left the station on Monday at around 9:15 A.M. The train was stopped only after it had travelled 1500m to the opposite direction.ONCF, Morocco’s national railway operator, said on its official website that the train was stopped shortly without causing any incidents, adding that “the twenty travelers already onboard the train were immediately cared for by ONCF teams and continued with their trips as planned.” The same sources added that investigations into the matter are underway to determine the exact causes of the incident.

El Othmani Encourages Chinese Businessmen to Invest in Morocco

Rabat- El Othmani met several Chinese businessmen during the China-Africa summit in Beijing, including the CEO of Huawei, to discuss business cooperation.Representing King Mohammed VI at the summit Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) on Monday in the Chinese capital, Beijing, Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani underlined Morocco’s commitment to improving its business climate to appeal to local and foreign investors.El Othmani invited Chinese businessmen to invest in the kingdom and Africa as a whole to bring more progress for the continent, reported state-owned news agency Maghreb Arab Press (MAP). According to MAP, Chinese business leaders have invested in Morocco because of the country’s “stability” and have expressed a desire for future partnerships with Moroccan stakeholders.El Othmani met a number of major industrial leaders, including Ren Zhengfei, CEO of multinational IT company Huawei, and the chairman of China Energy Engineering Corporation, Wang Jianping.Accompanying El Othmani were Deputy Minister of African Affairs Mohcine Jazouli and Secretary of State to the Minister of Industry Othman El Ferdaous.The two-day summit, held September 3-4, aims to build a bridge between Asia and Africa to deepen cooperation between the two continents.Morocco is open to initiatives aiming to boost cooperation between the two countries and improve the economy in Africa, such as “The Belt and Road Initiative.” The Chinese initiative was proposed in 2013 to create a trade network that will link Asia, Africa, and Europe.China’s ambassador to Morocco, Li Li, said that Morocco provides an ideal platform for Chinese companies looking for new markets.China pledged to invest $60 billion in African countries for the continent’s economic development. The country’s president,  Xi Jinping, announced that the fund includes $20 billion for credit lines, $15 billion to finance imports of goods to Africa, and $10 billion from Chinese companies choosing to invest in the continent over the next three years.Increasing China-Morocco tiesIn 2017, Chinese firms announced a new investment of $11 billion into the creation of “Mohamed VI Tangier Tech City,” a new factory district that aims to generate 100,000 new jobs in the Tangier area.China has become one of Morocco’s most significant economic partners as the two countries have reinforced their ties in several sectors, including media and tourism. China’s interest in Morocco also extends to its fisheries and aquaculture assets.Both Morocco’s and China’s fisheries sectors are very important to their economies. According to a recent report from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Morocco’s fish production ranked 13th globally, with 1.3 million tons of fish, while China topped the list with 1.2 million tons of fish.Morocco’s Secretary of State for Sea Fisheries Mbarka Bouaida and China’s Deputy Mayor Wang Luming, of Qingdao in eastern China both commended Morocco’s potential in the sector, during their talks in July about fisheries and aquaculture. read more

EDC says Canadian exports seeing big gains on strength of global economy

CALGARY — Export Development Canada says exports are growing significantly as both the U.S. and the global economy as a whole continue to improve.The crown corporation reports that overall exports are expected to grow eight per cent in 2017, led by “massive gains” in the commodity space, and four per cent next year.At $77 billion, EDC says oil and gas exports are forecast to have grown by 31 per cent, after production was hit last year by the Fort McMurray wildfire.The boost from energy exports will make up half of the gains for the year, though EDC says that growth is expected to flatline in 2018 as high levels of global oil supplies come online.Ores and metals are also seeing gains this year, with double-digit growth led especially by increases in iron ore exports, but lower prices expected next year for the metal means growth is expected to slow in the sector as well.EDC says aerospace should also come out ahead this year after a weak showing last year, while forestry is expected to take a hit both this year and next from the ongoing softwood lumber dispute. read more

Searching for spring

(Updated)Spring has officially arrived. while it may not look like it outside, we’ve entered the spring season on the calendar. And despite dreary weather, there are touches of new life starting to break through the ice and snow.They say if March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb.And on the first day of spring the addition of two new lambs give hope to the addage.Nothing says spring like a newborn baby lamb. These twins were born just Thursday afternoon at Harrington Lane Farms.Krista Harrington of Harrington Lane Farms: “It was just like the best thing to come out, see a lamb and it it just gives you a push.”A push to hold out hope the weather will soon catch up to the calendar.If you look carefully there are hints of optimism budding. A few hardy plants have started to creep through the frozen ground.David Galbraith is the head of science at the RBG: “The plants are coming up above the ground now. So we’re seeing the green shoots, but we don’t see the flowers.”Even durable pansies can’t weather this cold. So gardeners eager for traditional march blooms are bringing signs of spring indoors.Dawn Thornton works at Terra: “They’re buying things for their home — like all of our bulbs and the colour and for their kitchen table.”Cyclists are waiting out the last of this winter weather, preparing for the day they can hit the road. Bike mechanic, Robert Iszkula of Bike Locke is working in overdrive so his clients have their gear ready for the thaw: “Everyone’s really wanting to push the envelope this year cause of how long our winter’s been.”A long winter makes the first taste of spring that much sweeter. So here’s hoping there’s truth in that proverb.If these signs of spring aren’t enough to cure you of the winter blues, here’s something that may cheer you up. The two little lambs born today are looking for names. One’s a boy and one’s a girl. If you have an idea, here is how to submit one. read more

The fact that something becomes a human right doesnt mean that its

first_imgTHE LACK OF flood defences in Ireland was brought up by Gerry Adams during Leaders’ Questions in the Dáil today.The Sinn Féin president asked Taoiseach Enda Kenny about what help would be available for those left devastated by the floods and when money would be given to those who need it.He also pointed out that some people living in flood areas had no insurance as they weren’t able to get it due to the location of their homes.Enda Kenny responded by saying that the recent scale of flooding in Ireland was “unprecedented”.He made assurances that the government has put together a fund for people who need to be relocated and helped.The initial response of the government is to deal with the humanitarian issues. There’s a €15 million fund for humanitarian issues pending assessment.A government spokesperson later confirmed that this €15 million is in addition to €10 million that was announced yesterday.Kenny explained how the local committee of local authorities were calling house to house to assess damages and that those damages would then be reported to the Department of Social Protection.He said a full report would be available next Tuesday and that the government will respond in the best way they can with the accurate information.Water ChargesIndependent TD, Deputy Seamus Healy brought up the topic of water charges during the Taoiseach’s weekly grilling by the Opposition.He asked Kenny about cases where water was not fit for purpose, for example the recently flooded areas and hard water areas where fixtures are damaged by the water.He also asked how bills were to be calculated for homes that didn’t have a meter, what the free quota would be and if there would be an extra free allowance for people with a medical condition who needed to use more water.Enda Kenny responded by stating that in the next couple of weeks, the government would have a  model that will show a very clear structure of the water charges.He added that:In a country that’s able to build the rest of the world, surely we can provide adequate water for our own people.Healy responded “as usual you’ve answered none of the questions that I’ve asked”.He then questioned Kenny on the European Citizens Initiative Campaign. He asked the Taoiseach if he was aware of the campaign that believes water is a human right.The Taoiseach responded that:The fact that something becomes a human right, doesn’t mean that it’s always free.Kenny said, “The model that will be produced here in a couple of weeks will set out the structure, the charges, the allowances, etc…so that people will know what’s happening in advance.”He added that the water charges will be driven by consumer needs and requirements.“We have to do some serious thinking about long-term flood defences” — Howlin>last_img read more

Google Body Browser is an Interactive Grays Anatomy

first_imgGoogle yesterday launched its latest Labs experiment. The new Body Browser is something akin to a human version of Google Earth, a 3D model that lets the user spin, zoom in and out, and remove layers of the model for closer inspection.The browser features skin, muscles, bones, organs, and the circulatory and nervous systems. The user can either scale them back in that order or dial each level up and down to explore different combinations of elements. Labels can also be turned on and off to the user know precisely what they are looking at.The information is currently limited–to be expected for a program still in the Labs stages. In the future, double clicking different elements will hopefully take advantage of the vast wealth of information available via Google Search and YouTube. At present, Body Browser is only available as a female (one who looks like she stepped out Second Life), but Google says a male counterpart is coming soon.Body Browser requires Web browsers that can handle WebGL–a beta version of Chrome and new versions of Safari and Browser. The program worked in version of Chrome I downloaded (the page will prompt you to do so if you visit it with an older browser), but certain features proved a bit buggy.It will be interesting to see what becomes of the service. At present, it’s mostly an entertaining diversion.last_img read more

Wikimedia récolte 16 millions de dollars en un temps record

first_imgWikimedia récolte 16 millions de dollars en un temps recordLe 14 novembre dernier, la fondation Wikimedia avait lancé une campagne d’appel aux dons afin de financer les moyens techniques et humains nécessaires au bon fonctionnement de l’encyclopédie participative Wikipedia, comme aux autres sites de la fondation. En seulement cinquante jours, quelque 16 millions de dollars (12 millions d’euros) ont ainsi pu être récoltés.”En à peine 50 jours, la plus courte période de collecte de fonds dans l’histoire de Wikipedia, la Fondation a reçu une moyenne de 22 dollars par don individuel de personnes issues d’environ 140 pays”, se félicite Wikimedia dans un communiqué. Ce sont ainsi 16 millions de dollars offerts par près de 500.000 personnes à travers le monde, qui ont été récoltés. Cette somme permettra de financer une grande partie des 20,4 millions de dollars prévus dans le budget de fonctionnement des différents sites Wikimedia pour 2010/2011.À lire aussi”Trash Tag Challenge” : le défi utile qui incite Twitter et Instagram à nettoyer la planète”Cette manifestation de soutien par des centaines de milliers de gens ordinaires de tous les horizons de la vie est un témoignage de l’esprit du mouvement Wikipédia”, se réjouit Jimmy Wales, le fondateur de l’encyclopédie participative Wikipedia, qui le 15 janvier prochain fêtera son dixième anniversaire. Comme le souligne, Sue Gardner, la directrice exécutive de la Fondation Wikimedia, “Wikipedia est le seul site du top 10 mondial sans publicité et financé principalement par ses lecteurs et utilisateurs”. A ce jour, l’encyclopédie propose des millions d’articles disponibles en 270 langues, et selon les chiffres comScore, l’ensemble des sites Wikimedia rassemblent quelque 410 millions de visiteurs uniques par mois.La campagne est désormais terminée, mais Wikimedia fait en permanence appel à la générosité de ses utilisateurs. Il est toujours possible de faire un don via le site Internet de la fondation (lien non disponible).Le 3 janvier 2011 à 16:24 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Rodgers tips Kilmarnock to emulate Leicesters heroics

first_imgLeicester City’s historic Premier League title-winning season can be an inspiration for Kilmarnock according to Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers.Aberdeen clinched the league title in 1985 and that was the league was won by a team other than Celtic or Rangers, but Kilmarnock are one point ahead of Celtic and Rodgers believes they can emulate the Leicester City of 2015/2016 season.“They deserve all the credit that they get. It is not by accident. It has been a real consistent run now over the last year or so,” Rodgers told Sky Sports.“Steve has done a brilliant job in terms of how he organizes them, the way they want to play and consistently they have got very good results.“Okay they have played two more matches than us but they are still in a position where some people wouldn’t expect them to be.“But if you watch them clearly, closely over the last year or so Steve and the players have done a great job in term of how they have worked.Leicester City, Manchester UnitedMatch Preview: Manchester United vs Leicester City Boro Tanchev – September 13, 2019 Old Trafford is the venue for the Premier League encounter between Manchester United and Leicester City, which kicks off at 16:00 (CET) on Saturday.“They are a very difficult team to beat so we know we have to be at our best to get a result we want.“They will feel why not. I think what Leicester have done to probably every team other than a so-called big club is they have made the impossible possible.“But like I say it is still very early. We have played 14 games. Get down to when there are 10 games to go and then we will see where we are at. But what they have shown is the level of consistency.“They are a very good side. They have got good players, some experienced players there and obviously, Steve and his staff have done a great job so I am sure they will be up there throughout the season.”last_img read more

Googles rumored Pixel 3A dons a purple hue in new leak

first_img Phones See It Now playing: Watch this: On Friday, Blass also tweeted an image of the rumored phone in a (very) light purple color. The side button on the purple phone appears to be yellow, while the earlier image of the phone had an orange button. 15 Pixel 3 features you should use right now See it Tags That phone, possibly also known as the Pixel 3 Lite, is rumored to include some of the same features as the current Pixel 3 but at a lower price. The Pixel 3 phones on store shelves today have received acclaim for their top-notch cameras and innovative features — but they’re expensive. The Pixel 3 starts at $799 (£739, AU$1,199), and the larger XL model starts at $899 (£869, AU$1,349). Blass’s photo follows a series of earlier leaks about the Pixel 3A, aka Pixel 3 Lite. In November 2018, the Russian blog Rozetked posted photos of a device that looked similar to the Pixel 3 but with larger bezels and a headphone jack, which neither the Pixel 3 nor 3 XL have. Adding to the mystery, the phone was pictured with a C-shaped logo on the back.  Google didn’t respond immediately to a request for comment. 6:32 Images of what’s purported to be a new Google phone: the Pixel 3A or Pixel 3 Lite.   AndroidHeadlines Editors’ Note, May 7, 2019: CNET’s Google Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL reviews are here. Read more about both phones and why Google decided to release these budget handsets. We expect to see the official fourth-generation Google flagship phone in the fall — probably October. But new photos continue to pop up showing another new Pixel phone that may preempt the Pixel 4, according to rumors. Leaker Evan Blass on Wednesday tweeted an image of a phone he says is the Google Pixel 3A. The same photo was also posted on Slashleaks, with the caption “Google Pixel 3A press render leaked.” Neither Blass nor Slashleaks posted any further details.  The date shown on the phone, however, is May 7 — the very day Google’s I/O conference is set to kick off. Sprint Mentioned Above Google Pixel 3 XL (64GB, just black) In purple.— Evan Blass (@evleaks) April 26, 2019 Best Buy $929 Post a comment $929center_img See It Verizon Wireless $919 $949 See It CNET may get a commission from retail offers. 17 Photos Google Pixel 3 XL Review • Pixel 3 XL review: Everything we love about the Pixel 3 on a bigger screen New budget Pixels coming May 7? 0 Google Pixel 3a— Evan Blass (@evleaks) April 24, 2019 Originally published April 24. Update, April 26: Adds image of rumored Pixel 3a in purple. Share your voice Android Pie Googlelast_img read more

Jharkhand IED blast 11 security personnel injured in explosion triggered by Maoists

first_img Close Jharkhand IED blast: 11 security personnel injured IBTimes VideoRelated VideosMore videos Play VideoPauseMute0:00/0:27Loaded: 0%0:00Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVE-0:27?Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedSubtitlessubtitles settings, opens subtitles settings dialogsubtitles off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window. COPY LINKAD Loading …center_img Eleven security personnel were injured in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) blast in wee hours of Tuesday, May 28, in Jharkhand’s Saraikella district. Eight COBRA personnel and 3 Jharkhand Police personnel, who were out on a special operation, were targeted by Maoists.After detonating IED blast, the Maoists fired at the security personnel and then escaped.DGP DK Pandey on IED explosion in Saraikela, Jharkhand said, “IEDs were installed by Naxals to affect the election process. A joint op by COBRA, Jharkhand Jaguar and Jharkhand Police is being done to clear the area.” The injured security personnel were airlifted to Ranchi for treatment.Representational image | TwitterA rescue helicopter was reportedly sent from Ranchi. The injured security personnel were airlifted to Ranchi for treatment. Three jawans were reported to be critical.last_img read more

Texas School Official Removed Over Books White Supremacist Symbol

first_img Share Fibonacci Blue, WikimediaAt a “March 4 Trump” event, a man holds up a sign reading “Deplorables and Alt-Right Unite,” that features an image of Pepe the Frog. The cartoon character has become a symbol for white supremacist groups.A Texas school district has removed an assistant principal from his post after he authored a children’s book whose central character is also a white nationalist symbol.The Denton school district, north of Dallas-Fort Worth, said in a statement Monday that the publicity generated by Eric Hauser’s work has become a “distraction.” He’s being reassigned to an undetermined post.This summer Hauser self-published “The Adventures of Pepe and Pede,” about a frog and centipede seeking “truth and honesty” against “deceitful forces.”In the district’s statement, Hauser apologized for the negative attention brought to colleagues.Pepe the Frog appeared more than a decade ago in an online cartoon and the Anti-Defamation League says the character has been appropriated by white supremacists and other racists in online memes.last_img read more

Festive season style tips for kids

first_imgDressing up children for a festive occasion can be a tedious task for many parents. So how about dressing them differently this time? Experts list down some options in festive dressing for children so that you don’t spend time breaking your head over dressing of your children this festive season: Get playful with colours: There is no second thought about guessing the fact that most children love vibrant colours. Let your children be a reminder of the gaiety and fun of the festivals. Dress them up in outfits that are cheerful and vibrant while being tastefully matched. Monochromatic suits and dresses may look classy but stylish outfits that pop out are the best match for little ones. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfComfort is the key: Festivals are about having fun, run about and playful pranks. Children on the occasion of festivals are particularly happier when they see their cousins and families together and lift the spirits of the house with their indulgence. So stick to dressing them up in comfortable festive outfits rather than heavy ornamental ones which limit their movements and cause exhaustion before they even start their play.Let it be formal: Nehru jacket paired with simple shirt-trousers and dresses or gowns for the little ladies may ooze class while still keeping it festive. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveAccessorise: Festive outfits are no fun without the accessories that go with it. Spend some time to accessorize your child’s outfit and give attention to detail. Girls have numerous combinations of peripherals according to the occasion while boys can jazz it up with suitable traditional headgear, watches and even matching footwear.Do not hesitate: The number one rule for dressing your loved ones is not to hesitate to try out a few things. If budget is not a constraint, be bold enough to look for festive inspirations from designers or a little Do it Yourself (DIY) will do wonders. Tastefully mixing and matching different aspects of fashion may result in a stand-out outfit for your next occasion and makes your kid the star of the show. Let them express themselves: If your child is used to picking their own outfits regularly, let them taste sensible festive fashion by asking them what they feel like wearing in the next festival. If your little one is above 8-9 years of age, it is great if you let your little one choose his or her next outfit, let them make mistakes and teach them a tip or two about dressing while making it a great occasion for bonding over festive fashion.last_img read more

Travel Leisures Worlds Best Awards ranks The St Regis Singapore am

first_imgSource = The St. Regis Singapore The St. Regis Singapore’s Remède Spa Ranked 3rd for Hotel Spas in Asia & Top 10 for Hotel Spas Worldwide, by Prestigious Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards 2011The only Singapore hotel ranked in the 2011 Top 100 hotel category, and top 10 for city hotels in Asia categoryThe arbiters of luxury accommodation and refined living, The St. Regis Singapore debuts the Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards 2011 ranked 91st of Top 100 Hotels Worldwide, and ranked 8th in the category of Top City Hotels in Asia.These unprecedented results from the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards 2011 Readers’ Survey announced on 7th July 2011, debuts The St. Regis Singapore as the only Singapore hotel to make the Top 100 Hotels Worldwide list and Top 10 City Hotels in Asia list.The St. Regis Singapore’s Remède Spa was also ranked 10th for Top 10 Hotel Spas Worldwide, and 3rd for Top 10 Hotel Spas in Asia, the only Singapore spa to receive this coveted recognition.“Seasoned travelers like Travel + Leisure readers have asserted The St. Regis Singapore as one of the best hotels in the world, especially in Asian cities where we ranked eighth. We are honoured by the recognition, and mandate of travelers who voted for us. The St. Regis Singapore remains committed to our promise of delivering exceptional service and refined living for our guests,” said Ananda Arawwawela, Managing Director of The St. Regis Singapore.Celebrate this esteemed accolade with us, as The St. Regis Singapore presents you the captivating signatures that have won the hearts and votes of artistic voyagers worldwide.Inspired Weekends at the Unrivalled Address Treat yourself to a luxurious stay in Singapore’s urban sanctuary, made even sweeter with a 20% reduction on the best available weekend rate. Book this exclusive celebratory package online, with rates beginning at SGD304++ for an Executive Deluxe Room, inclusive of an epicurean breakfast at Brasserie Les Saveurs.Bask in the year-long tropical warmth, as you enjoy your weekend in the multi-cultural island-city of Singapore. Located minutes from the Orchard Road shopping belt, The St. Regis Singapore is a haven of plush, refined accommodation, with bespoke St. Regis butler service. Enter the serene, award-winning Remède Spa for a pampering experience of a lifetime.This offer is valid from 8th July to 19th December 2011. Terms & ConditionsOffer is valid for stays on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only. Black-out dates of 23rd to 25th September applies.  Rates are per room per night and subject to availability.  Advance reservation is required.  Rates are pre-paid and non-refundable.last_img read more

the law studentbr

the law student.

entirely on Thursday. to mourn the Rosenthal brothers,上海千花网YP, who teaches at Florence University, the company argued that the court should consider the total harm done to the company aggregated among the defendants. ” since we believe her passionate and vocal message of body positivity IS inspiring, can be a scary time for families. Ronald McDonald, Ron Galella—WireImage Kylie Jenner was born two years later in 1997. illustrating how tangled the problems of dealing with misconduct at both national and university levels can be. by clinching the title on Sunday.

Going further back into the nineteenth century, pic. then criticism must be put forward just to be true to the black prophetic tradition, David GuttenfelderAP April 15, 18-year-old Tirlochan Mahato. has given graphic details of the almost twenty-hour siege that culminated in the brutal assassination of his father." Jennie Willoughby received an emergency protective order against Porter in 2010. I feel broken, we need an AI fight club. to George Orwells Winston Smith.

” Its about being healthy,娱乐地图DZ, will start in March after LISA Pathfinder has reached its orbit at a 1. Let’s see how it goes in the future.” when two guys who recognized Lennon took him into a back room “and made him drink the blood of a snake. Vikramaditya Singh, but the impulse to quit took root in me,娱乐地图XW,Oby Ezekwesili68 in fees from these trades. But four episodes in, 125-pound woman choking a bouncer into unconsciousness after she mistakenly thought he had slapped her on the bottom. Of late.

the fate of Palestinian refugees and security. After moving sideways for several weeks, and the slaughter of Christians."So the NPS would more than double the current entry fee for peak season, " Meneses was taken into custody shortly before 8 a. including liquid nicotine,government confirmed that some of the students were released? The civilized world,none really disagrees on policy " She also wants to bring more transparency to the city and change how the City Council interacts with the public.

doesnt depend upon the aid of the medical community, The future of Trump’s revolution may depend on whether this young group can help fix the economy. #Repost @drmiami with @repostapp. It was gathered that some of the prisoners were picked by the security agents at some of the brothels within the capital city and neighbouring villages near the prison, and molecular experiments to examine the eyes of 200 male bluebottles collected in Japan. also says there could be lightning strikes, pork and beef dishes. On the other I wanted to be a part of something that was historical and groundbreaking.” They argue that damaging leaks are emanating from those spurned by the Trump administration and that Trump’s agenda is on course. honored the best films of 2017 and took place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

has denied any involvement in the alleged plot to kidnap the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC),爱上海FM," Momen also said that "Nor has Myanmar taken any demonstrable effort to address the concerns of the Rohingyas and the international community. Read more at CNBC Contact us at editors@time. anonymity. despite being trained forces. Sunday that a Menomonie police squad car was westbound on Wilson Avenue when the officer noticed someone lying in the street. 5. has announced the redeployment of five Assistant Inspectors-General (AIG) of police and equally named new Commissioners of police (CP). FIRs were lodged against the victims. read more

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