Medical Matters: How to deal with verrucas and warts

first_imgContinuing his hugely-popular medical column, Medical Matters, this week Dr Ciaran Roarty examines the common problems of verrucas and warts and how they can be treated.Verrucas and WartsWarts are little rough bumps on the skin which are usually (but not always ) found on the hands and feet. They are caused by a virus and can occur singly or in groups of several. They are usually less than a centimetre in diameter and vary tremendously in size and shape. Verrucas are simply warts that developed on the soles of the feet. They are usually flatter because we are walking on them every day. (Warts near or at the genital or anal area are different and are classified as a sexually transmitted infection.)It is thought that most of us develop warts at some stage in our lives and usually in childhood or our teenage years. They usually are not harmful but tend to be treated if they are unsightly, bothersome (eg at the tips of our fingers) or painful ( eg a verrucae)How do I get them?Close skin to skin contact is needed to pass on the virus that causes warts and verrucas directly. But if your skin is damaged, or roughened and wet and in contact with rough surfaces you may also contract the virus. This is can happen in swimming pools. It is also possible to spread the wart yourself to another part of the body by sucking or biting your fingers or nails for example. Once again if you are immunocompromised for any reason ( eg on special immune suppressing medication) you may be more prone to contracting the virus that causes warts.Can I prevent their spread?Things like not sharing towels, covering verrucas with waterproof plasters when swimming or wearing flip-flops in communal showers all help reduce the spread. Picking or scratching warts and biting nails or fingers that have warts can all lead to the spread of warts.How do I treat them?Often warts will go themselves and up to half will have gone in a year, especially in children. Adults find it takes longer for a wart to disappear. Treatments are used when they are bothersome and include:Cryotherapy – freezing them with liquid nitrogen. Usually, a GP or practice nurse who is skilled in this technique will perform the treatment between 4 to 6 times with a couple of weeks gap between each treatment.Painting with gels and lotions containing salicylic acid. This can be time-consuming as it usually has to be applied daily for up to three months, with prior preparation of the wart necessary ( filing beforehand to rub off dead cells)Combination of both of the above methods.Other specialist treatments such as curettage, light therapy, laser therapy and creams.Should my child stop swimming if they have a wart or verrucas?Swimming may save your child’s life one day so the advice is to continue swimming but place a waterproof plaster over the wart or verruca when swimming and use flip-flops in the showers.The above information is intended as advice only and should you have any concerns please contact your own Doctor.Dr Ciarán Roarty MB, BCh BAO MICGP DRCOG Grad. Cert. Obst. Ultrasoundis a full-time GP at Scally McDaid Medical Practice, Scally Place, Letterkenny, Tel 0749164111Dr Ciaran Roarty at the Scally/McDaid surgery in Letterkenny.Medical Matters: How to deal with verrucas and warts was last modified: August 11th, 2018 by Scally McDaid RoartyShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Dr Ciaran RoartyMedical Mattersverrucaswartslast_img read more

UAE Announces 10-Year Residency Visa for Investors, Science Specialists

first_imgThe United Arab Emirates has launched a 10-year residency visa for investors and specialists, the country’s government announced on May 20. The long-term visa, valid for 10 years, will be offered to specialists such as doctors and engineers, exceptional students, and entrepreneurs.“The UAE will remain a global incubator for exceptional talents and a permanent destination for international investors. Our open environment, tolerant values, infrastructure and flexible legislation are the best plan to attract global investment and exceptional talents to the UAE,” Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, said while announcing the decision, Gulf News reported. The decision, announced by Shaikh Mohammad following a Cabinet meeting, aims to strengthen the UAE’s position as an attractive destination for global investment and talent.Sheikh Mohammed also posted on the social media that global investors can have full ownership of their companies in the country.Those eligible for the 10-year visa under the new policy include specialists in medical, scientific, research and technical fields, scientists and innovators, and entrepreneurs, the Khaleej Times reported. The visa validity will also apply for families of the people falling in these categories, the report added. Five-year residency visas will also be offered to students studying in the UAE, while top performing students will be eligible for 10-year visas.At today’s Cabinet meeting, we decided to allow 100% foreign ownership of companies in UAE, with a 10 year visa for investors,scientists, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators.The UAE has always welcomed, and always will, innovators and business leaders— HH Sheikh Mohammed (@HHShkMohd) May 20, 2018The changes will come into effect by the third quarter of this year.This decision will be enforced by third quarter this year .Our open society, tolerant values, excellent infrastructure and flexible legislation offer the best environment for international investment and exceptional talent.— HH Sheikh Mohammed (@HHShkMohd) May 20, 2018Sheikh Mohammed has also directed officials to review the current residence visa scheme so that dependents can be offered an extension of the duration of visa validity after they have completed their university studies in order to facilitate their future residence in the UAE.This will give them the opportunity to study their practical options in the future.The move was welcomed by leading businessmen in the country.“This is a landmark announcement (and is) sure to further boost the UAE’s image as the most investor-friendly economy in the region,” LuLu Group chairman Yusuffali MA, was quoted as saying by the Khaleej Times. “This new long-term visa will go a long way in attracting and retaining not only investors but also top notch professionals who are very essential in today’s highly competitive world,” the UAE-based Indian-origin billionaire added.“Ten-year visa – this is great news as it will further boost the confidence of investors. UAE has always been in the forefront of taking pragmatic, business friendly and investor friendly decisions,” the publication quoted Al Maya Group Director Kamal Vachani, another Indian-origin businessman, as saying. Related ItemsDubaiUAElast_img read more