Better Than Your Competitor Today

first_img Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Now I love the idea that you shouldn’t want to be better than anyone else, just better than you were yesterday. The problem with that thinking is that you need to be better than your best competitor today.Selling is, in large part, about creating a preference for you, your company, and your solution. When you are competing for your dream client’s business, being better than you were yesterday may not be enough.You need to be better at nurturing your dream clients, and better at following up and playing the long game. He who gives up first loses. Somewhere, someone is developing their plan to create opportunities and your dream clients are on their list (as are your existing clients).You need to create greater value than your competitors as it pertains to helping them solve their problems and capitalize on their opportunities. You need to serve them better when it comes to understanding why they should change now if you want to create opportunities where your competitors struggle. You also need to do better work than the competition when it comes to helping your prospects understand the root cause of their challenges, and to create a vision of their future.You really, really need greater business acumen and greater situational knowledge than your competitors. Your ideas and insights can give you with a competitive advantage, provided you’ve done the work and developed the requisite chops. Know that there is someone out there who knows more than you and connect the dots more effectively than you can. If you are behind in this race, you are going to need to go faster.The ability to lead and manage change is a serious differentiator for those who possess the skills. It’s a deficit for those who don’t.It wouldn’t hurt you to have greater empathy, greater emotional intelligence, and greater trust. You can surely create a greater preference and flank your competition by being the least self-oriented person they are considering. Listening is a seriously underestimated competitive advantage.And then there is commitment gaining. She who controls the process has the best odds of controlling the outcome. You are either looking over your shoulder because you have competitors who are better skilled, or you are the reason they are looking over theirs.It’s not enough to want to be better than you were yesterday. You have to be better than your most dangerous competitor today. Platitudes sound nice, and they may make you feel good. But they don’t absolve you of the responsibility to improve your effectiveness in serving your clients or winning new business.last_img read more

2-Year Multiple Entry UK Visa for Indians Depends on Pilot Program for China

first_imgThe British government will consider two-year multiple entry visas for Indians after analyzing the results of a similar program that is being tested out for China, Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh said in the Parliament earlier this week. The matter has been raised with the UK government on multiple levels.Singh was responding to a question by KVP Ramachandra Rao, a Member of Parliament of Congress party from Telangana, in Rajya Sabha on Dec. 20.The matter was taken up by Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju during the recent visit of UK Minister of State for Immigration Brandon Lewis to India on Nov. 6, as well as during the India-UK Home Affairs Dialogue held in London in July 2017. “The UK authorities have taken note,” he said.Meanwhile, Virendra Sharma, a British MP of Indian origin, asked Lewis after his return from India in November, “We are now coming to the end of a very successful two-year pilot allowing Chinese nationals a two-year, multiple-entry visa for the price of a six-month single-entry visa. It looks as though that will be made permanent in the new year. Will the Secretary of State commit to introducing the same scheme for Indian nationals, our best allies in trade post-Brexit?”Lewis had told Sharma during a debate at House of Commons that the two-year multiple entry visa will be considered on a case by case basis after reviewing the similar pilot project for China.“I was in India just a couple of weeks ago, and I had some conversations about the pilots we are running in China. The hon. Gentleman is a little premature, because the pilot with China is still running. It is based on a different situation from the situation with us and India, but we will look at that pilot, and I will feed back after it has ended and we have a chance to review it,” Lewis said on Nov. 20.British Prime Minister Theresa May, who also visited India in 2017, and who is focused on reducing net immigration in the nation and includes students in the statistics, told New Delhi that its visa offer to India would change only if the return of the Indians who don’t have the “right” to stay can be expedited. Related ItemsBritainUnited Kingdomlast_img read more

South Africa Begins Commemoration of 125 Years of Mahatma Gandhi’s Eviction From Train

first_imgThe opening of the series of events commemorating the historic incident 125 years ago, when Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was taken off a train as the compartment he was in was reserved for white people, was marked with the screening of the film, Making of a Mahatma, at Pietermaritzburg on June 6, PTI reported.The railway station, where the incident took place, the City Hall and Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Pietermaritzburg were lit up on the occasion. Ruchira Kamboj, the High Commissioner of India to South Africa, gave a glimpse of the commemoration on the social media:Take a look at these pictures straight from Pietermaritzburg. The Station, City Hall and Gandhi ji’s statue lit up in national colors @SushmaSwaraj #Bapu150 #satyagraha125 #Gandhi @biradyajnik— Ruchira Kamboj (@RuchiraKamboj) June 6, 2018Meanwhile, Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, who will spearhead the commemoration, signed the Visitors’ Book at the historic Pietermaritzburg City Hall, where Gandhi spoke in 1912.Min @SushmaSwaraj signs the Visitors Book at the historic Pietermaritzburg City Hall. Where Gandhi JI had spoken in 1912. #satyagraha125— India in SouthAfrica (@hci_pretoria) June 6, 2018Directed by veteran Indian filmmaker Shyam Benegal, the movie, Making of a Mahatma, is based on the book Apprenticeship of a Mahatma written by the late freedom activist Fatima Meer. The film was made in 1996 and is a co-production between India and South Africa.The film portrays the incident when Gandhi was taken off a train in South Africa for his refusal to give up his seat in the “whites only” compartment, 125 years ago, in 1893. It also recalls what occurred after the incident took place when Gandhi decided to give up worldly life and started the Phoenix Settlement commune in Phoenix near Durban. The Phoenix Settlement, the first ashram of Gandhi, was established by him near Durban in 1904. This was where he developed his concept of passive resistance, or Satyagraha, to fight racial injustice.Swaraj also visited the Phoenix Ashram and interacted with students at the Mahatma Gandhi Center for Information Technology there.“It was a special privilege for my Dad Moosa Moosa and myself to kick off this 125th commemoration at our cinema, as it were also our forebears who unwittingly started off young lawyer Mohandas Gandhi’s path to becoming the Mahatma through his Satyagraha plans in both South Africa and India,” AB Moosa, the CEO of the Avalon Group,which owns the Cine Centre cinema where the film was screened, was quoted as saying by PTI.Talking about the relationship of his forefathers with Gandhi, Moosa said that the film’s screening to commemorate the 125-year-old incident was a moving moment. “If he did not have to take that train to submit legal papers for our forebears to Pretoria, the fateful incident where he was thrown off the train might never have happened, and the world might never have benefited from Gandhiji’s guidance and leadership,” Moosa said. Related ItemsMahatma GandhiPietermaritzburgSouth Africalast_img read more

Taxpayers’ Bill For Trump Jr.’s Business Trip to India: $32,000 And Counting, Documents Show

first_imgGovernment records show that taxpayers spent more than $32,000 on hotel rooms for the security detail that accompanied Donald Trump Jr. to India earlier this year to promote his family’s luxury real estate projects – with many bills still unaccounted for.A review of General Services Administration purchase orders shows that the government paid $15,166 for rooms for “Don Jr Visit to Mumbai” and another bill for $3,501, as well as $13,468 for hotels in the western Indian city of Pune, for a total of $32,135.A third purchase order during the same time frame in the city of Kolkata lists an additional $9,880 for a “VIP visit.” Officials at the U.S. Consulate in Kolkata declined to identify the VIP in question. The costs of the hotel rooms for the entourage’s stay in the capital – likely a hefty portion of the tab – as well as the airfare and transportation expenses remain unclear.Trump Jr. came to India in February on a whirlwind promotional trip during which he was feted with champagne toasts and met buyers of four Trump luxury residential real estate projects in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and outside the capital, New Delhi.Asked about the cost of Trump Jr.’s trip, Catherine Milhoan, a spokeswoman for the Secret Service, said: “As a matter of practice, the U.S. Secret Service does not comment on the specifics of protectees’ trips.” A State Department spokeswoman said the department does not discuss the details of security matters.The Trump Organization did not respond to emails requesting comment.This week, Quentin L. Kopp, vice chairman of the San Francisco Ethics Commission, filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that the Secret Service is failing to comply with his Freedom of Information Act request seeking details on the cost of Trump Jr.’s India trip.“It’s private business at the expense of taxpayers,” Kopp said Tuesday outside the federal courthouse in San Francisco, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “I’m a taxpayer. I resent it.”The government has not yet produced the documents that Kopp is seeking. The hotel and other bills worth $32,135 were found by The Post on the GSA website.The Secret Service is authorized to protect the president, vice president and their immediate family members – although Trump Jr. voluntarily gave up his protection for a brief period last year while on a moose-hunting trip in the Yukon.But ethics experts have criticized the protection expenses incurred by Trump Jr., 40, the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, his brother Eric and sister Ivanka while on promotional trips for the family’s real estate business.The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington said in a July report that documents it obtained under the Freedom of Information Act showed that the Secret Service spent more than $200,000 on airfare, hotel rooms and other expenses when Don Jr. and Eric Trump went to the United Arab Emirates to open a luxury golf club last year.Trump Jr.’s trip to India sparked considerable controversy after front-page ads in Indian newspapers urged buyers to pay a $38,000 booking fee to reserve luxury rental units in a new Trump Towers project in the Delhi suburb of Gurgaon in exchange for a meeting with the president’s son, sparking $15 million in sales in a single day. He also had been scheduled to deliver what was billed a foreign policy speech, the topic of which was hastily changed to a “fireside chat,” after an outcry from Capitol Hill.“I’m here as a businessman,” Trump Jr said at the time. “I’m not representing anyone.”(c) 2018, The Washington Post Related Itemsdonald trump JrUnited Stateslast_img read more

Is Cultural Fit a Disguise For Bias

first_imgEmployers will go to great lengths to screen job candidates, interview and check references in the quest to make the best hire. Some even take a more scientific approach, deploying a structured interviewing process or putting a potential employee through the paces in the workplace in what amounts to an audition.There is another critical question that, consciously or unconsciously, lies at the heart of any hiring process: Will this candidate mesh well with his or her co-workers and managers? What about with the company’s values and overall culture? But cultural fit is tough to gauge — perhaps because it’s also difficult to clearly define.“It is an incredibly vague term, and it’s a vague term often based on gut instinct,” says Wharton management professor Katherine Klein, vice dean of the Wharton Social Impact Initiative.” People can’t tell you what aspect of the culture they are worried about.”If that sounds a lot like the kind of language country clubs once used to exclude applicants, that’s because discussions around cultural fit can also involve certain euphemisms for what amounts to justifying prejudice, or at least, bias. “It’s usually this sense that this person doesn’t seem ‘like us,’ like she or he won’t party well or play well,” continues Klein. “There are all sorts of biases that can — and do — creep in.”Cultural fit, of course, does have a legitimate role in the workplace. “But in many organizations, fit has gone rogue,” argued Lauren A. Rivera in a recent piece in The New York Times. The associate professor of management and organizations at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management interviewed 120 decision makers, and found them deploying subjective personal criteria rather than screening for candidates who could thrive on established organizational values. Wrote Rivera: “Bonding over rowing college crew, getting certified in scuba, sipping single-malt Scotches in the Highlands or dining at Michelin-starred restaurants was evidence of fit; sharing a love of teamwork or a passion for pleasing clients was not.”“How you measure that cultural fit is the key,” says Wharton management professor Nancy Rothbard. “It’s not that we should throw out cultural fit wholesale; it’s not necessarily a bad thing. But the question is, can we get at it through these other qualities? I think we’re using these other qualities as a proxy for, ‘Is this person going to fit in here?’ So we’re making a leap, a large assumption based on these similarities.”The Odd Person OutThere are good reasons to screen for employees who will fit in culturally — depending on whether and how that gets defined. “When people don’t fit the organization, they don’t feel comfortable,” says Rothbard. “They often don’t get selected, and if they do, they don’t enjoy their experience and they leave.”Sometimes the skill set is there, but the kind of social bonds that grease the wheels of relationships are so lacking that friction follows and misery prevails — as is the case for a woman we will call Cynthia, the office manager at a small Philadelphia plumbing company. Interactions in the office are often fraught with tension and bickering when Cynthia calls co-workers on their use of malapropisms, or what she perceives as a lack of logic in both small talk and work-related discussions.Some tensions would seem to stem simply from bad management — “I wonder if I asked my bosses what my daughter’s name was if they’d know,” she notes as one example — while others, she says, can be put down to cultural differences. “I think what makes me the odd person out is there is a part of me that doesn’t want to take the time to socialize with people I don’t have anything in common with. I think I am interested in relationships, and I am interested in politics. It’s not even about having different politics – [my co-workers] just don’t want to talk about politics. If you try to engage them in conversation about something going on in the outside world, if you say something about what was going on with the economy in Greece, they don’t want to talk about that at all.”In this case, what the company didn’t know hurt it — and the employee. Cynthia is playing out the dynamics described by University of Maryland emeritus professor of psychology Benjamin Schneider in his Attraction-Selection-Attrition (ASA) framework. In 1987, Schneider proposed that the collective characteristics of people define an organization, and that over time, this happens as a natural outcome of the ASA cycle: Like-minded individuals select each other to be part of an organization, and sooner or later, the “misfits” leave.Cynthia in fact has decided to quit her job and seek work with a temp agency — in part so she can gauge the culture of a new workplace before committing to it long term.But her workplace may be diminished by her absence. Research also shows the benefits of diversity in the workplace — diversity of ideas, personality and life experience in additional to racial, religious and gender diversity. “If we value diversity, and I think we do, and if we want to get the benefits, and I think we do, we have to recognize that it has to be managed,” says Rothbard. The case of Cynthia “is really challenging, because they are not ever going to come to terms over the use of the English language, so having an intervention around that is probably not going to happen.” But one thing that could work, Rothbard adds, is to have an intervention around “work-related things that everyone can all agree on and see value in — focusing on building a sense of cohesion and closeness through-work-based activities.”Klein says a solution may require a different kind of conversation than is currently happening. “She may think, ‘These people don’t like me and I feel like an outsider,’ and they may feel she doesn’t like them and respect them. A good manager or leader is able to build esprit de corps.”Cultural fit emerged as an intriguing factor in a study Rothbard co-authored with Gina Dokko and Steffanie L. Wilk titled, “Unpacking Prior Experience: How Career History Affects Job Performance,” published in 2009 in Organizational Science. The authors found that while employers hire for relevant experience — a positive — long experience in a previous job had a countervailing negative effect, bringing with it something the authors call “cognitive baggage,” and so the overall effect washed out. But the washout became a positive when one of two other factors was present. Says Rothbard: “What we found was when the supervisor said the employee was flexible, the negative effect went away. And the other variable that made that go away was cultural fit. So when we asked a new employee, ‘How well do you fit?’ and they said ‘I fit really well,’ that negative effect was not there, either.”Better Fit, Better Financial PerformanceGood cultural fit isn’t just about avoiding employee churn. It’s also about financial performance. Schneider in 2013 noted the speed with which culture “became the darling of the management consulting world,” and that it “presented some issues because academics were not quite sure … what culture was and what it represented — and even whether it was appropriate to try to link organizational culture with the financial success of corporations.”An answer came in 2014 from a study of one sector that strongly suggested that culture can have an impact on a company’s financial performance. The content and strength of culture was examined in “Parsing Organizational Culture: How the Norm for Adaptability Influences the Relationship Between Culture Consensus and Financial Performance in High-Technology Firms,” by Jennifer A. Chatman, David F. Caldwell, Charles A. O’Reilly and Bernadette Doerr. The study, published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior, found that “firms with higher levels of consensus across many norms, as well as an intensive emphasis on adaptability that may promote conformity without the inertial effects of uniformity, performed better financially over a volatile three-year period.”Cultural fit should not, however, eclipse the importance of heterogeneity. Diversity in the workplace has long been valued as a way to introduce new ideas, but researchers have found other reasons for cultivating heterogeneity. Information was processed more carefully in heterogeneous groups than homogenous groups, according to “Is the Pain Worth the Gain? The Advantages and Liabilities of Agreeing With Socially Distinct Newcomers,” by Katherine W. Phillips, Katie A. Liljenquist and Margaret A. Neale, published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Social awkwardness creates tension, and this is beneficial, the study found. “The mere presence of socially distinct newcomers and the social concerns their presence stimulates among old-timers motivates behavior that can convert affective pains into cognitive gains” — or, in other words, better group problem solving.Culture Clearly ExpressedOf course, it’s more efficient to focus on a set of corporate values rather than personal cultural traits from the start. Bonding with a potential employee about Scotch or scuba diving as a guide for whether he or she would make a good co-worker is “actually antithetical to cultural fit,” says Wharton management professor Sigal Barsade. A better test revolves around values: “How much of a team player are you? How detail-oriented? What type of emotions do you tend to display or suppress — anger, fear, love? The only way that culture in the workplace is effective is if there are sets of values that help the company achieve its strategy,” Barsade notes. “When there is thoughtfulness around what the values are and you tie that to hiring, then you have best hiring practices.”It’s wise for companies to have not more than three core organizational values, and to communicate those values clearly in the hiring process, Barsade says. “For example, you can have values around being results-oriented, or if you are a financial services firm you attach high value to paying attention to detail,” she notes. “There are companies that would like to be more innovative — not just that the products are innovative, but also that HR is being innovative and the cafeteria staff is being innovative. There are values of ethics, of teamwork, of respecting people and diversity, of customer focus and more.” She adds that there are values based on a firm’s emotional culture: “For example, the degree to which you are allowed or should be having fun, allowed to show anger, or expressing companionate love — that is, showing affection, caring, compassion and tenderness for other people you work with.”Structured interviews can help ferret out some of these qualities. “It will vary by position and company, but everyone should get the same questions, so multiple interviewers are asking the same questions that are framed, among other things, as they relate to values,” Barsade suggests. “If there is any way to see the candidates in action or give them an opportunity to display the behavior, that can work. You want to set up a fair, consistent, transparent hiring practice that really allows you to understand whether people share the values of the organization.”The most critical thing, Barsade says, is that “leadership has to enact the culture – [it] has to believe it and live it. Then … make sure the structure supports the culture — the rewards system, the policies.”So, in their search for the best hire, are companies heeding the wisdom of compelling studies and data arguing against gut instinct and in favor of a more systematic search for cultural affinity? “I would argue that it’s not happening enough,” says Barsade. One reason, perhaps, is that many are still resistant to certain tools, like structured interviews, that can help sift for evidence. One study, “Belief in the Unstructured Interview: The Persistence of an Illusion,” by Jason Dana, Robyn Dawes and Nathanial Peterson, found that interviewers who conducted unstructured interviews were worse at predicting future performance than when they were given access to the interviewees’ background information alone.Still, there is more awareness than there once was, and some say we are seeing a steady awakening of employers to screening for cultural fit. Says Klein: “Slowly but surely, yes, the best companies are.”The alternative is dealing with the consequence of employees who, when asked how badly they want to find a new job, respond like Cynthia. “Oh boy, in a big way,” she says. “And I will.” Related Itemslast_img read more

Indian American Passengers Claim Airline Deported Them From Moscow to India

first_imgAn Indian American couple and other Indian-origin passengers traveling from New Delhi to New York via Moscow on Aeroflot airlines claimed to have had a terrible experience on Jan. 7, 2018 when they were “deported” to India despite being American citizens.Shohana Islam, 26, and Marc Fernandes, 27, said they were in New Delhi on a vacation and were returning home to New York. They had a connecting flight from Moscow, where they said an airline agent forced them to fly back to India after the flight from Moscow was cancelled due to bad weather in the United States.The agent called Mikhail reportedly told them, “All citizens of the country that need visas in our country after 24 hours will be deported.” “Deported to the US!” Fernandes responded. “Deport me, please deport me!” said Islam.“We even said, you don’t have to give us a hotel, we have lounge access like we’ll literally go stay in a lounge and sleep in sofas and chairs. Book us on the next flight to anywhere in the U.S., to London, Paris, any major hub,” they told WUSA 9.In a Facebook post, Islam wrote, “This guy is discriminating against Indians and trying to ‘deport’ us all back to India. As a US citizen per IATA regulations they need to send us to the US, not back to India. He literally looked at people and decided who needs to go back to India. Can I sue him and Aeroflot???? Who knows???”The airline agent said that he was talking to “Indian passengers” despite holding on to the passenger’s U.S. passport.Another Indian-origin passenger also claimed to have faced discrimination by Aeroflot agents the same day.“To my horror, I saw many U.S. citizens (white in color) come by and get their tickets for later flights or be told to wait in lounge and will be called once the details are ready. Once such couple was coming in from Saigon with JFK as the final destination. I was shocked to see lies and racism at full play at the airport. U.S. citizens were given separate treatment based on color. One woman with a crying baby was rudely told to come back after the baby is quiet,” Anshul Agrawal said in a Facebook post.Mikhail, also named by Islam and Fernandes, told Agrawal that he could either take the boarding pass he had issued to him for New Delhi or they will force him to leave. Being a U.S. citizen, he asked to be deported to the United States but was left stranded at New Delhi with no hotel or taxi. Agrawal, who had been visiting Jaipur, went back to the Rajasthan capital and said that he would receive a ticket for Jan. 13 only.A spokesman for Aeroflot said the airline is conducting a “thorough internal investigation,” according to WUSA 9. Related ItemsIndian AmericanMoscowracismlast_img read more

Man Charged For Indian American Girl’s Death in Car Accident in Minneapolis

first_imgA 21-year-old man, Michael Laurence Campbell, of Minneapolis was found guilty of killing his 20-year-old Indian American girlfriend, Ria Patel of Eden Prairie, due to negligent driving and for leaving the scene of the crash.Campbell was charged with two counts of criminal vehicular homicide in connection with the Sept. 17, 2017, death of Patel, a junior at the University of St. Thomas, one count each for the crash, and for leaving.Campbell’s lawyer had argued that the crash happened when Patel grabbed Campbell’s face for a passionate kiss but the jury found him guilty. Patel suffered numerous serious injuries to her head and face while Campbell had none, according to the testimony.Michael CampbellCampbell drove his red Ford Focus into the base of a traffic stoplight near the exit ramp from Interstate 35W and then fled the scene upon finding Patel dead, according to the prosecutors quoted by Eden Prairie news. He ran to his house that he shares with his roommates. He tried to call her home from a blocked number multiple times and his work to say that he would miss the shift later that day. He also missed his shift at work two days later. He took an Uber to St. Michael, where his parents lived but did not go to their house. He was found in St. Michael by the deputies.Patel was a junior at the University of St. Thomas. Hitesh Patel, the uncle of Ria Patel, said his niece was a happy, loving, outgoing and caring person, and that her friends and family will miss her.“The last six months have been hard on all of us as we adjust to a new normal, a new normal that we don’t want to wish upon anyone, a new normal where we are suffering a life sentence,” he told the Twin Cities media.The family of the victim also announced that they would launch a Ria Patel Foundation to end drunken and distracted driving.The prosecutors office said they would seek the longest sentence possible and estimated 57 months — four years nine months. Related ItemsIndian AmericanMinneapolislast_img read more

UK Company Fined for Safety Measure Breach That Caused Indian-Origin Worker’s Death

first_imgA UK based polymer company has been slapped with a fine of around €300,000 ($339,703 approx.) for the breach of safety standards, which led to the death of an Indian-origin worker.Nylacast Engineering Plastic Solutions, a plastic product manufacturer, has been fined for a safety measure breach in April 2016, which led to the death of the company’s employee Tarsem Singh. Singh, 52, was injured after being hit by a machinery at company’s plant in Leicester that year and died of heart attack, reported BBC.The company admitted in Northampton magistrates court that safety and health-related regulations have been breached on its part during operations of the company.The court imposed a fine of €293,000 on the company and ordered to pay over €10,000 in costs.According to a report in Leicester Mercury, District Judge Tim Daber said before pronouncing the judgment, “On behalf of all parties I would like to pay tribute to the quiet dignity with which the family of Tarsem Singh have conducted themselves throughout these proceedings.”He further said, “The failings in this case were not an isolated incident as the risk existed each time the machine was used. In this court’s judgment, this was an accident waiting to happen.”In the accident, that took place in company’s plant, an end cap of a pressurized molding machine blew off to hit Singh at a speed of 80 mph. This sudden blow fractured victim’s chest and jaw. It was also told to the court that a similar accident took place at the company’s plant last year and injured another employee. However, that incident was not reported.“Nylacast deeply regrets the incident which occurred in April 2016 and wishes to reiterate its sincerest condolences to the family of Tarsem Singh,” said the company’s statement published in Leicester Mercury.“Safety is always our number one priority, and as we do with any incident or observation, our practices and protocols have been and are continually reviewed to ensure the well-being of our colleagues,” statement further said.Kulwinder Kaur, Singh’s wife, said after hearing that she was learning to live without her husband and she still feels the pain of losing him, reported BBC. Related Itemslast_img read more

On point: Thomas making progress, could join Cavs earlier

first_imgQC cops nab robbery gang leader, cohort LATEST STORIES “We have to make sure he’s 100 percent,” Lue said Monday as the Cavs regrouped following an embarrassing loss to the Atlanta Hawks. “We have to worry about him as a player and a person. If he’s not right, not healthy, we don’t want to rush him back to set him back even more.”Thomas isn’t keeping his status any kind of secret. In the first few weeks of his rehab, he kept a lower profile as he worked out in the team’s facility away from reporters and cameras. Lately, he’s been front and center, giving everyone a glimpse of the strides he’s made in coming back from a torn labrum.Lue credited Cleveland’s training staff with a slow, steady approach in bringing along Thomas, who came to the Cavs in the blockbuster trade last summer that sent Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics.Irving and the Celtics have won nine straight and lead the Eastern Conference. Meanwhile, Cleveland has remained patient, although it’s clear that Thomas can’t wait to get back onto the floor in meaningful games.“I just wanna HOOP!!!!!” he tweeted Sunday night.ADVERTISEMENT Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s wedding Read Next Stronger peso trims PH debt value to P7.9 trillion Thomas has been increasing the intensity of his workouts and is making strong progress in his recovery from a serious hip injury that ended his 2016 season in Boston and delayed his debut with Cleveland.As Cavs coach Tyronn Lue and a member of Cleveland’s medical staff kept an eye on him from an adjacent floor at Cleveland Clinic Courts, Thomas broke a healthy sweat during a workout Monday under the guidance of assistant coach Phil Handy, who fired him passes and praise. Thomas worked on his 3-pointer , man-to-man defense, conditioning, ball handling and free throws as he nears a return that may be coming sooner than imagined.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutAlthough the team has not disclosed any change from its original timetable estimate of the end of December, it’s apparent that Thomas is getting closer.At 4-6, and lacking a second scorer to complement LeBron James, the Cavs might be tempted to rush Thomas along. But Lue said it’s imperative for the team to stick with its plan so as not to harm the 28-year-old. Japan ex-PM Nakasone who boosted ties with US dies at 101 View comments Russell drops 23 points, 8 assists as Nets beat Suns CPP denies ‘Ka Diego’ arrest caused ‘mass panic’ among S. Tagalog NPA MOST READ Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. FILE – In this Friday, May 19, 2017 file photo, Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas looks to pass the ball as Cleveland Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert, left, defends during the first half of Game 2 of the NBA basketball Eastern Conference finals in Boston. Day by day, Isaiah Thomas looks a little more like an All-Star point guard like himself. And just maybe like one who can rescue the reeling Cavaliers. Thomas has been increasing his workout load and is making strong progress in his recovery from a hip injury that ended his 2016 in Boston and delayed the start of his 2017 season with Cleveland, Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File)INDEPENDENCE, Ohio — Day by day, dribble by dribble, Isaiah Thomas looks a little more like an All-Star point guard – like himself.And just maybe like one who can rescue the reeling Cavaliers.ADVERTISEMENT Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf PLAY LIST 01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH The Cavs need him. Without Irving, the Eastern Conference champions lack a proven scorer to take some pressure off James. Thomas won’t help Cleveland’s suspect defense. In fact, it might be a little worse with him on the court, but its offense would go to another level with Thomas.He can drive. He can shoot. He can get to the line.“We still have a 30-point scorer, All-Star point guard that’s coming soon,” James said recently. “So that’s exciting.”Once he returns, Thomas is expected to move into the starting lineup, with Derrick Rose coming off the bench and running the Cavs’ second unit. It’s been dreadful starts by the Cavs’ first five that have been at the heart of their early struggles. Thomas could fix that, but until he’s ready, the Cavs have to come out with more energy and a greater sense of urgency.Thomas should also help Cleveland’s woeful 3-point shooting. The Cavs enter Tuesday night’s game against Milwaukee 25th in the league in 3-point accuracy (33 percent) and tied for 16th in 3-pointers made per game. Thomas made a Celtics record 245 3-pointers last season and knocked down at least one in 57 straight games.Against the Hawks, the Cavs started 3 of 25 from behind the arc and finished 10 of 36 – thanks mostly to Kyle Korver heating up during a fourth-quarter comeback.“We have guys that can shoot the ball,” said Kevin Love, who was taken to the hospital Sunday after falling ill. “I don’t know what it says on pace, but last year we really pushed the ball with ‘Bron and Ky and really opened up the floor. But we’re just not shooting the ball well from 3, and that has to change.”There need to be other changes, and Lue said it’s time for his team to begin making them.“Just have to keep attacking it,” he said. “Have to keep showing film and continue to keep talking about it. I think guys are embarrassed and we should be embarrassed of how we’re getting beat. Teams that we’re playing, having guys out, key guys out and still not being able to win. We all have to continue to keep searching and continue to keep fighting and continue to play hard.”And at some point, they might get some help. Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasalast_img read more

Pro Kabaddi 2019: Maninder Singh Leads Bengal Warriors to Edgy Win Over Telugu Titans

first_imgJaipur: Maninder Singh scored 17 points as Bengal Warriors edged Telugu Titans 40-39, a victory that catapulted them to top of the points table in Pro Kabaddi League, here on Wednesday.Siddharth Desai scored 15 points for Titans but the defeat hurt their Playoff chances. The first half was evenly-matched as Maninder Singh was dominant in his raids for the Warriors while Rajnish looked lively in the early minutes for the Titans.While Maninder made an impact with his raiding skills, it was a lucky mistake from him going out of bounds that brought the first real impact on the game as three Telugu defenders followed him into the lobby. The lucky move proved decisive as Maninder produced a four-point raid in his next foray to secure an all-out in the 15th minute of the match.The Warriors continued to dominate despite Desai’s best attempts at reducing the lead. They went into the half time 19-13.The Titans started the second half positively with Desai picking up valuable raid points.In defence, Vishal Bhardwaj looked his ominous best while Farhad Milaghardan’s all-round abilities played a crucial role as the Titans scripted a comeback. The Titans utilised the momentum to secure an all-out in the fourth minute of the second half to gain lead in the match.Maninder, the Punjab-born raider, though single-handedly annihilated the Telugu defence to restore his team’s lead.The Warriors secured another all-out with under seven minutes left in the game to open up a four-point lead. Maninder and his teammates then controlled their nerves to clinch an important win. Get the best of News18 delivered to your inbox – subscribe to News18 Daybreak. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and on YouTube, and stay in the know with what’s happening in the world around you – in real time. Bengal WarriorspklPKL 7pro kabaddi 2019 First Published: September 25, 2019, 10:35 PM ISTlast_img read more

With ₹1,079 cr bid, OPPO is Team India sponsor

first_img2/2 cricket File photo of Oppo smartphone ashwin   –  BusinessLine File photo of Oppo smartphone SHARE SHARE EMAIL × 1/2 COMMENT ashwin   –  BusinessLine File photo of Oppo smartphone COMMENTS Published on March 07, 2017 ashwin   –  BusinessLine SHARE Chinese mobile phone maker OPPO Electronics has bagged the rights to be the official sponsor of the Indian cricket team after bidding ₹1,079.29 crore.Oppo eased past Vivo Mobiles, the second highest bidder, with ₹768 crore.Nine companies, including Star, Paytm, Hero, GroupM and DBS Bank were in the reckoning.The bids were opened on Tuesday in the presence of the BCCI’s Supreme Court-appointed administrative panel member Diana Edulji, BCCI officials and the bidders, at the Board’s headquarters here.The team sponsorship rights run for five years, from April 1 to March 31, 2022. This period will see Team India play 14 home series and 20 overseas series, and also include the ICC Champions Trophy, ICC Cricket World Cup and World T20 events.Oppo will pay ₹4.61 crore per bilateral match and ₹1.56 crore for an ICC event match.Sahara was the previous highest bidder for the Team India sponsorship, paying ₹3.34 crore per match.Star India currently sponsors the Indian team, and its contract expires on March 31.last_img read more

India’s top T20I run-scorer Mithali Raj charged-up in smooth World T20 campaign

first_imgMithali Raj is India’s leading run-scorer in Twenty20 Internationals among all men and women cricketers but she is eager to “keep scoring runs for India” and get even better.Mithali, with 2283 runs, leads the T20I run-scorers charts in India, with Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli behind her with 2207 and 2102 runs. Mithali also surpassed men’s game’s highest T20I run-scorer Martin Guptill (2271 runs). However in the women’s game, New Zealand’s Suzie Bates leads the women’s chart with 2996 runs.Rohit Sharma finished as the second-highest run-scorer in the recently-concluded T20I series against the Windies but went on to overtake Virat Kohli in the charts of India’s leading male run-scorer in the shortest format of the game.Mithali Raj, on the other hand, is currently the fifth highest run-scorer in the Women’s World T20 with 107 runs. Harmanpreet Kaur is fourth with 124 runs while Jemimah Rodrigues is sixth with 93 runs.India have already reached the semi-finals of the tournament but have one last group match against world No.1 T20I team Australia in a battle for the top spot in the group.Upbeat about India’s performances in the Caribbean Islands, Mithali wants this team to win the World Cup.”This team has definitely improved a lot from the last World Cup. A lot of young girls in the team and they want to change the approach in T20s, and I definitely want them to win the World Cup,” Mithali said.Mithali, who is always the player who takes her time to set on the crease because going for strokes, talked about what she specifically worked on in order to improve for T20s.advertisement”You are prepared for 2-3 shots for one delivery and you try and innovate your game to suit the format, you only need to clear the infield in the powerplay to get boundaries and it’s something I’ve worked on and I’m sure that I’ll keep scoring runs for India.”Mithali was hoping for a better wicket in Guyana after they came across a slow and soft wicket during their match against Ireland, where they won by 52 runs to book their top-4 place.”The wicket was quite challenging. It was slow and soft. My partnership with Smriti was very crucial. Hopefully we will get a better wicket in the next game.”Also watch – Ravi Shastri not my yes man, nobody has said no to me more often: Virat Kohlilast_img read more

Athletic give Inaki Williams deal to 2025

first_imgTransfers Inaki Williams signs new long-term Athletic contract Tom Webber 17:19 1/17/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Inaki Williams Marcelo Athletic Bilbao Real Madrid La Liga Getty Images Transfers Athletic Club Primera División The 23-year-old winger has attracted interest from Liverpool, but will remain at the Basque outfit after extending his deal Inaki Williams has put pen to paper on a mammoth seven-and-a-half-year contract extension with Atheltic Club.The 23-year-old winger was previously linked with a switch to Liverpool but has committed his long-term future to the Basque club, where he is now tied until 2025.Williams’ new contract includes a release clause of €80 million that will progressively rise until it reaches €108m, figures which exceed the fee required to take star centre-back Aymeric Laporte away from Athletic. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player The news will come a boost to fans with goalkeeper Kepa, whose deal expires at the end of the season, heavily linked with a move to Real Madrid.Williams has featured in all 19 of the club’s outings in La Liga this season, contributing four goals and three assists.He also scored twice as Athletic progressed to the knockout stages of the Europa League, where they will play Spartak Moscow in the last 32.last_img read more

What’s the state of your online giving?

first_imgIn our latest Network for Good video clip, I share some key points about the state of online giving. Online donations continue to grow at a faster clip than overall giving as more of our communication and actions go online. As digital natives come into their own and as we see peer fundraising, mobile giving, and events like giving days become nonprofit staples, we expect online giving rates to climb more quickly. To make the most of digitally-minded donors, your online fundraising strategy needs to adhere to these core tenets:Online giving can’t be siloed. Your online fundraising efforts should be tied to your overall fundraising strategy, and integrated with your offline marketing outreach. Make sure your website, email, and social media messages match your direct mail appeals. Your donors’ conversation with you will span more than one channel. Many offline donors will still go online to learn more about you and read about the impact a gift could have. Online giving must be easy. The beauty of technology is that it can make things easier, faster, and more fun. Your donation experience should work to remove any barriers that might prevent someone from giving. Remember: the fewer steps and clicks it takes someone to complete a donation, the more likely they are to give.Online giving should encourage more gifts. In addition to making it easy to give, your donation experience should inspire donors to give more. By offering a compelling story, suggested donation amounts, and recurring giving options, you can increase your overall fundraising totals as well as your average online gift. Need to boost your fundraising results? These resources will help you think through your online strategy:Understand online fundraising patterns by reviewing the Digital Giving Index.Check to see how your online donation experience stacks up with the Donation Page Grader.Learn how to attract more donors with your website, through email, and via mobile and social in our Online Fundraising Survival Guide.Sign up for a free demo of Network for Good’s fundraising software. Our team will give you a full tour and answer your questions about which tools are right for your campaigns.How are you integrating online fundraising at your organization? Chime in below to share your tips and challenges with your fellow readers.last_img read more

Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits Using Online Donations

first_imgOnline donations have made fundraising better in many ways. Electronic giving is much easier to track and record, and it can also be simpler to get in the first place. When a donor is moved to act by an email or social media message, all they have to do is click on the donate button and fill in the amount they wish to give.It’s instant and so much easier for them than finding a checkbook, writing a check, then searching for a stamp, etc. — and that’s if you’ve already provided a business return envelope that’s pre-addressed. Finding an envelope and writing an address doesn’t sound like much effort, but it really does cause donors to put off sending in charitable contributions. And procrastination often leads to missed donations simply because people forget or miss the end of a specific campaign. An email fundraising campaign removes all the paper-related hurdles.Include Email Campaigns in Your Nonprofit Fundraising PlansEmail allows you to ask for donations repeatedly without being offensive – if you do it right. Design your email campaign to include a series of emails that all tie together but that each says something different. Here’s an example of how a series might go.Day 1: Celebratory kickoff announcement with an enthusiastic ask and a link to your fundraising website.Day 3: Case study demonstrating how vital your cause is, along with specific information on how much you want to raise and how the money will be used — and remember every email is going to ask your readers to donate and prominently display your link for making online donations.Day 7: Update on how the fundraising is going, reiteration of the goal, and a success story with quotes from someone who has been helped by the kind of project you are doing.Day 10: Thank you note to all who have given so far, from an executive or celebrity spokesperson, reiterating the benefits of achieving your goal.Day 13: Last-chance notice informing people that the campaign is coming to a close, so if they haven’t made a donation, they must do so immediately.You may be able to do more depending on the length of your campaign. This gives you an idea of how to get the word out without being too redundant. Each email includes unique content and shares something different.Mirror Your Email Campaign in Social MediaDuring a campaign, post your social media content on a similar schedule with abbreviated versions of the same messages found in your emails. If you have stories to share that are too long to include in a social post, put them on your fundraising website and include a link to them in a post that directs readers there. And of course ask everyone to share your posts!In essence, you set up your fundraising website, design your campaign, and share your message through email and social media. Use pictures and tell stories, just like you would in a print campaign. That’s the gist of a successful plan, and it makes managing donations a simple process for both you and your donors.Network for Good has a blog with more free information on how to be successful at nonprofit fundraising. We also have specialists available to discuss how we can help you get the most out of your fundraising efforts, so contact us today or call 1-888-284-7978 x1.last_img read more

4 Lessons from the Trenches to Prepare for Giving Season

first_imgHere at Network for Good, we’re continuously innovating our platform. The best way we do this is by immersing ourselves in the lives of our nonprofit users to understand the everyday problems they are trying to solve.Last week, during a quarterly business review meeting in Baltimore, our team was challenged to meet with local nonprofits to help them drive awareness and increase funds. Below are the cliff notes from the day:The ChallengeWe arrived in Baltimore at 9AM on Wednesday, July 19. We broke into five teams and were given a task: find a nonprofit and help them fundraise leveraging the “Jobs to be Done” philosophy around functional, social, and emotional drivers. The team that raises the most, wins.The results: $7,360. In a single day.That’s $7,360 that went to five local nonprofits: Wide Angle Youth Media, Holistic Life Foundation, Playworks Maryland, Women’s Housing Coalition, and University of Maryland Baltimore.As we got to know these five nonprofits and the people who lead them, four lessons stood out. We thought we would share them in a new Blog Series to help you prepare for giving season.Here’s what we learned:1. Giving is an emotional act.We quickly learned the real-life value of emotionally driven appeals. Most of the donations we collected were from people who had an emotional connection to us. We had greater luck raising funds from text messages to our personal network than asking for donation on the streets – although we did both! This builds the case for the power behind peer-to-peer fundraising.2. Not all nonprofits are created equal, but they all face time and capacity challenges.Each nonprofit we helped had their own set of challenges to overcome. Some had more limited resources than others. Some had a lot of pressure on them to fundraise in order to serve their clients, while others needed more strategic help.  But what they all had in common was time and capacity challenges and the need for systems that would solve this problem.3. All of them wonder, “Are we doing enough?”All of the nonprofits we worked with that day shared concerns about their funding and sustainability. They wondered if they were doing enough to diversity their funding strategy. Creating a sustainable individual giving program and having the right mix of individual giving and additional funding sources are continual concerns.4. There’s nothing like the power of a team.When we set out to raise as much as we could in just one day, we quickly learned that we were all motivated to win the challenge because we all knew what we were working towards. We saw this at the nonprofits too, and believe those with a strong strategy were able to rally their troops and others around their cause more easily.Check back next week as we dive into the first lesson, on how you can leverage the emotional connection when developing your appeals this giving season.last_img read more

5 Teams Received First-Place Votes In The Week 6 AP Poll

first_img All three teams are certainly deserving — and there’s no question those three teams have played a tougher schedule to date than Clemson and Alabama. Perhaps nobody in college football has a better resume than Auburn. The Tigers have wins over No. 13 Oregon and No. 25 Texas A&M. Many believe Auburn should at least be in the top four of the AP poll.Surprisingly, neither Oklahoma or LSU received first-place votes. Both have been absolutely dominant against the competition faced.As the season progresses, contenders and pretenders will emerge. Will this be the first season since 2014 a team other than Clemson or Alabama will play in the national championship? Ohio State celebrates its win at Indiana.BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA – SEPTEMBER 14: Justin Fields #1 and Chris Olave #17 of the Ohio State Buckeyes celebrate a touchdown in the game against the Indiana Hoosiers at Memorial Stadium on September 14, 2019 in Bloomington, Indiana. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)When’s the last time there’s been parity amidst the top-ranked teams in college football? Over the past few years, Alabama and Clemson have been head-and-shoulders above the rest of the field. But it’s different this season.Teams like Ohio State, Oklahoma, LSU, Georgia and Auburn look elite to start the year. AP poll voters are starting to think teams other than the Crimson Tide and Clemson are deserving of first-place votes.In the latest AP poll, five teams received first-place votes. Alabama and Clemson are No. 1 and No. 2, but other teams which received votes include: Georgia, Ohio State and Auburn. Georgia received four first-place votes while the Buckeyes have seven and Auburn received three.Say hello to the new No. 1 in the Week 6 AP Poll 🏈1. Alabama2. Clemson3. Georgia4. Ohio State5. LSU6. Oklahoma7. Auburn8. Wisconsin9. Notre Dame10. Florida— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) September 29, 2019last_img read more

Scott Frost Reacts To Big 10’s Khalil Davis Suspension

first_imgScott Frost roams the sideline for Nebraska.LINCOLN, NE – SEPTEMBER 15: Head coach Scott Frost of the Nebraska Cornhuskers watches late game action against the Troy Trojans at Memorial Stadium on September 15, 2018 in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)On Wednesday, the Big Ten announced that it would suspend Nebraska defensive end Khalil Davis for one game. This is because he struck an Ohio State player during their game this past weekend.Davis is not eligible to play this Saturday for Nebraska when it faces Northwestern.The Big Ten stated that Davis struck an Ohio State player during the first quarter of the game. Obviously that type of behavior isn’t allowed in the NCAA.Scott Frost released a statement on the Big Ten’s decision to suspend Davis. He believes the conference made the right choice. From Saturday Tradition:“We have been in communication with the Big Ten Conference Office over the past day regarding Khalil Davis, and support the Big Ten’s disciplinary action. We do not condone unsportsmanlike play or behavior in our program, and will use this as an educational opportunity with our team on how to play the game the right way. We are moving forward with our preparation for Saturday’s game with Northwestern.”Nebraska’s defense will have to make a major adjustment this weekend without Davis. The senior defensive lineman has racked up 17 tackles and three sacks during the first half of the season for the Cornhuskers.Kickoff for the Nebraska-Northwestern game is at 4 p.m. ET from Memorial Stadium.last_img read more