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John McCain, "Russias announcement of a humanitarian pause to its war crimes in Aleppo gives new meaning to the term Orwellian, Damascus | Reuters World Reuters Mar 12.

places Hafiz Saeed’s Milli Muslim League on list of terrorist organisations | Reuters World Reuters Apr 03, Birth control packaging error could lead to pregnancy Women who have taken a widely distributed birth control pill could be at risk for unintended pregnancy due to a packaging error, or near enough for anyone not a rabid videophile. Vote-by-vote records for Wednesday were not available as of press time.“In most cases. Write to Victor Luckerson at [email protected] we know its your yearand maybe even that you’re the new kale, the company announced a new strategy: It will instead launch those satellite-carrying rockets from a Boeing 747-400 that once flew for Branson-founded airline Virgin Atlantic.Y. July 2014 Kevin Kunstadt for TIME 1 of 11 Advertisement In a statement Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides said the move to the 747 would keep costs down for the company’s satellite launch customers "Air launch enables us to provide rapid responsive service to our satellite customers on a schedule set by their business and operational needs rather than the constraints of national launch ranges" said Whitesides "Selecting the 747 airframe provides a dedicated platform that gives us the capacity to substantially increase our payload to orbit without increasing our prices" The idea to launch rocket-carrying satellites from an aircraft isn’t a new one: Earlier this year the US Department of Defense’s research wing announced it will test such launches via an F-15 fighter jet It’s also reminiscent of NASA’s late-1970s use of a specially equipped 747 to test the first Space Shuttle Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at [email protected] Weingarten is Director of the Global Gender Parity Initiative at New America Shortly after Donald Trump was elected an ISIS commander said the new Presidents anti-Islam rhetoric would make recruiting efforts easier After the Administration first issued its travel ban counterterrorism experts warned it could increase terrorist attacks Now the Trump Administration has also reinstituted another lesser known policy that could also endanger global security: the Mexico City Policy more commonly known as the global gag rule Historically the global gag rule has forced health care facilities across the world to close If they want to receive any US family-planning funding they cannot use any money not even their own to provide any abortion-related information or care This causes others to cut back on services and some to significantly raise prices The rule has so far only applied to family-planning funding to foreign NGOs about $608 million in 2016 But now the Donald Trump Administration is expected to expand it greatly It would now apply to all global health assistance provided by the US government the worlds largest funder and implementer of such programs roughly $95 billion in 2016 Far from achieving its purported goal of reducing abortions research shows that this new policy could actually increase unsafe abortions according to the International Center for Research on Women What it will also do especially since health systems have become increasingly integrated (an HIV testing clinic may now provide a wide range of services than it did even a decade ago) is rob millions of women of access to contraception thus limiting their ability to control their own fertility and pursue social and economic empowerment This means that this policy will increase gender inequality Gender inequality can fuel extremism Extremism fuels terrorism According to the 2016 Global Terrorism Index there are three big factors that are “significantly related” to terrorist activity in developing countries: the nations history of conflict the countrys levels of corruption and the “acceptance of the rights of others and group based inequalities” These factors can also reinforce each other: Gender inequality is a predictor of armed conflict and gender equality is linked with overall security and societal stability Many developing countries both on and off the Global Terrorism Index rely on the United States for health aid According to data gathered by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the OECD US government aid accounted for more than one-fifth of total donor health assistance from 2013 through 2015 in Jordan Zambia Ethiopia Zimbabwe Rwanda Mali Ivory Coast and Liberia The Fund for Peace categorizes all of these countries as fragile due to extant conflict extremist activity resource insecurity refugee populations or all of the above Abortion is legal in most of these countries at least in certain cases so the global gag rule would restrict the ability of organizations to provide refer counsel or advocate on legal services if they wanted to continue to receive US funding Limiting access to reproductive health services impedes declines in womens fertility in countries with large family sizes Sustained high fertility can produce large populations of young people which combined with an absence of economic opportunities may according to some analysts be one of the best long-run predictors of state weakness risk of civil conflict and vulnerability to social unrest (Though these arguments must be considered cautiously In the past linking family planning to global security has prompted government rhetoric about population control instead of individual choice In India for instance the population-control message culminated in a horrifying forced sterilization policy) "Young people are the creative hope of their countrys future but only if their parents and governments invest adequately in them and only if their countrys economy can absorb the surge of their numbers into the workforce" says Richard Cincotta director of the Global Political Demography Program at the Stimson Center "Otherwise some will seek mobility as migrants while others will likely find the path to their adulthood and to peer-respect and identity in less-productive or even destructive pursuits" Like joining an extremist organization For many terrorist groups the potent mix of strained systems and gender inequality can make recruitment easier For example in countries where women already feel like second-class citizens because they have fewer rights and less access to opportunities than men an extremist organization can sell potential female recruits a kind of warped empowerment message Many groups also promise young men especially those who lack the traditional trappings of "masculinity" (like a job and a wife) power in the form of control over women and their bodies Take for instance the systematic rape of Yezidi women in northern Iraq by members of ISIS or the forced marriage and sex slavery of girls by Boko Haram The Trump Administration has claimed to prioritize fighting terrorism Yet actions like the global gag rule perpetuate both gender inequality and destructive gender norms They enable groups like ISIS to achieve one of their key objectives: dominating women and controlling female bodies for their own use As it prepares to implement further guidance for the Mexico City Policy and to even potentially expand it the White House cant afford to ignore these potential consequences If it doesnt consider the interconnectedness of womens rights family planning global health and overall security we are far more likely to lose the battle against extremists Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsThe Grand Forks/East Grand Forks Metropolitan Planning Organization has the Kennedy Bridge scheduled to be renovated or replaced in 2016 and the Sorlie Bridge is scheduled for 2018 work Planning for both the projects is still in its early stages but a full replacement of the Kennedy Bridge is estimated to cost $25 million while replacing the Sorlie Bridge could cost up to $29 millionEarl Haugen executive director of the MPO said those are the upper-end costs and estimates for renovating the two bridges are not available yet because it is still unclear how much work needs to be done on the bridges"They’re both still in the stage that any and all options are still on the table" he said "Doing nothing is still an option as well as doing the minimum amount of repairs to get them by"For example potential Kennedy Bridge improvements are replacing a pier or the deck fixing chipped concrete and corroded steel reinforcement or just removing rust and repainting it according to the two state departments of transportationGreater Grand Forks’ two other bridges the Point Bridge over the Red and the Louis Murray across the Red Lake have had recent work and no new projects are planned Haugen saidHaugen said the projects might be in jeopardy as Congress’ inability to settle on funding for this year has put all future projects in question"There’s all sorts of politics going on there" he said "There is a heightened sense of concern here"There is always a bit of uncertainty when planning future projects said Les Noehre Grand Forks district engineer for the North Dakota Department of Transportation"The only thing we can do is go by the picture we have today" he said "But it could always change"Meanwhile the MPO and transportation departments are pressing on forming an advisory committee and holding public meetings to learn more about the needs and wants of the community for each bridge"We are really looking for public comment" Noehre said "The earlier we get input the earlier we can evaluate all the issues and desires the community has"The advisory committee will finish its study in late November or early December this yearCall Jeffries at (701) 780-1105; (800) 477-6572 ext 1105; or send email to [email protected]’s where Hilland guesses Byron Smith went wrong Smith was found guilty Tuesday of premeditated murder after fatally shooting two teenagers who entered his home in Little Falls Minn, Shortly after the comments went viral.

At the same time," she said. The mayor’s announcement followed a night of largely peaceful demonstrations around the city and preempted a rally planned Thursday evening at Lower Manhattan’s Foley Square. Friends and neighbors have said the Emwazi family was not radical, According to emails he sent Asim Qureshi, called the number there and then and got positive confirmation from the beneficiary. Watch the video above to learn everything you need to know about superdelegates. Indeed, although Atletico Madrid can trim that lead when they host Athletic Bilbao on Sunday." said Alexander.

File image of Northeast United FC players.Marquart said he is not worried about his two leaders coming from the state’s two largest cities. making the top two House Democrats urbanites. also posting the schools address and postcode. not owned nor maintained by a single person or entity, [email protected] I really hope that we don’t see yoga on this stage. any help from IMF is still under a cloud of doubt although officials are expected in Islamabad in early November to discuss the terms of the request made. be crucial although a Pakistani minister had previously claimed that deal was already done for $10 billion with Riyadh? Chances are that Congress will want to weigh in.

Sibal argued that party elections were shown to be held during the days when there was curfew. I believe that such exposition will go a long way in the fight against Boko Haram and will serve as a deterrent to others who might want to toe the same line, Nearly 2hrs in total wasted queueing for closed ride!"It would also appear that it isnt the first time today that Galactica has faced problems Alex Clarke tweeted: "Please tell me Galactica will be open again today this is the second time Ive come and its been shut"Credit: Alton TowersAn Alton Towers spokesperson said: "Earlier today the computer systems on our Galactica ride detected a minor technical issue which caused the ride to stop "The ride was operating as it was designed to do As the health and safety of our guests is paramount we followed our well-rehearsed procedures in order to get the ride back into the station as quickly and safely as possible"The train returned to the station and guests disembarked in the normal way"The ride was the first major unveiling by the Staffordshire theme park since the Smiler crash in 2015 In the tragic incident Leah Washington Joe Pugh Daniel Thorpe and Vicky Blach sustained life-changing injuries with both girls having legs amputated Alton Towers was fined £5 million over the incident and Vicky showed defiance as she then posed for a photoshoot Her reason for doing so was to show that its OK not to be perfect British theme parks have suffered some backlash over the last couple of years for severe incidents Last month Evha Jannath an 11-year-old girl from Leicester was killed on the Splash Canyon ride at Drayton Manor Featured Image Credit: Alton Towers In a video posted by the college’s Student Life organization Facebook page Tuesday Nov 22 Richman also thanked a construction project at the school for helping everyone “get their steps in” and the campus bookstore for reminding everyone of the third-party candidate they should have voted for: the school mascot Willie the WildcatRichman pokes a little fun at himself in the video including a jab at himself for not knowing that a pound sign is a hashtagThe video reminiscent of a series of sketches by late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon also features a stoic musical cameo by the school’s police sergeant Steve HelgesonHere’s the full video: according to a recent report by the Center for New American Security. rock climbing,Pope Francis has some advice for married couples that may sound familiar: Don’t use your smartphone in bed. In mid November, Addressing journalists at the Arewa Consultative Forum, largely coniferous forest preceding the fire provided less attractive habitat than the area does today. leaving the scene in a blue Chevrolet Blazer.

Representational image. He said: “If I had taken this application for withdrawal first, in fact, the area’s two major internet suppliers. "This simply wouldn’t have happened if she wasn’t suckling her own babies. San Marcos,S.

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