Pictar Pro grip turns your smartphone into a makeshift DSLR

Smartphone cameras these days can almost rival DSLRs in many ways, especially with their more convenient portability and general purpose functions. There are still, however, things that a dedicated camera will always be able to do better, like offering tactile and more precise physical controls and having a viewfinder that works under the brightest of days. Rather than spend twice on a smartphone and a camera, miggo is offering a more practical alternative: the Pictar Pro Advanced camera grip that transforms your iPhone or Android phone into one. We’ve all seen accessories that promise to make your smartphone into an honest to goodness camera. Some do it through lenses, other through cases. miggo’s Pictar is different. It utilizes your smartphone’s already capable cameras and lenses but instead adds a grip with the wheels and buttons that pro photographers love. That idea sold well both on Kickstarter two years ago and even after the campaign ended. Now miggo is back with a pro version that adds a whole lot more.You’d be surprised at how many features you can cram into a handy grip that only occupies half your smartphone’s body. In this round, the Pictar Pro gains four larger control wheels and buttons, including one for exposure compensation, multi-state shutter release, zoom rocker, and a smart wheel that can cycle through different modes. The grip also features built-in wireless charging so you won’t have to worry (too much) about your phone dying in the middle of a shoot.The most interesting innovation in the Pictar Pro, however, is the Viewfinder. Yes, you can attach a viewfinder to make it easier, even possible, to take your best shots even when you can’t make out your phone’s screen because of the bright sunlight. What it does is to shrink the camera apps preview into a small window that you could then view through a smaller, distraction-free and glare-free screen. Just like a real camera!Part of the magic that makes the Pictar Pro possible is the Pictar App. In addition to providing pro-level camera controls, it can also recognize the smartphone being used and adjust its settings accordingly. And, yes, it is also responsible for that almost magical viewfinder feature. Best of all, you don’t need to do much to get started. Just slide the phone in, start the app and you’re good to go.Despite all those features, the Pictar Pro retains its predecessor’s handy design and improves on it. A cold shoe connector lets you add a mic or a flash to really look and sound like a pro. It also supports a tripod attachment so you won’t grow gorilla arms. The grip is also designed to fit all sizes of iPhones from the 6 to XS to whatever comes next, including Plus size models, as well as Android phones. All that for only $119 on Kickstarter if you’re fast enough, $129 to $189 depending on your reward options, and $245 if you wait until it hits the market.

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