How to properly show off your iPhone 4S

first_imgDid you jump into the early adopting fray, and snag an iPhone 4S before any of your friends? While the experience of using the new iPhone is greatly improved, there is the small matter that it looks exactly like the iPhone 4. If you’re  into flaunting your gear, this could prove problematic. Thankfully, all it takes is a little initiative to let everyone know that your iPhone isn’t last year’s model.SiriThe most obvious new feature in the iPhone 4S is Siri. While you may have grown accustomed to having a voice-controlled A.I. assistant by now, others will be blown away.A simple task like asking Siri about the weather is sure to create some buzz. In fact, don’t just check your weather, check the weather for someplace on the other side of the world. “What will the weather be like in Zimbabwe on Tuesday?” would be a good start. When Siri replies “Okay, here’s the weather for Harare, Zimbabwe for this Tuesday,” and you see the high of 93° splashed on your screen, you just might help Apple sell a few more iPhones.TranscriptionWith all of the hullaballoo about Siri’s abilities, it’s easy to forget about the fact it can also transcribe your voice anywhere that the keyboard pops up. While this feature has been on Android for ages, iOS users can finally say they have it too (plus, only cell phone geeks will know that).Why not open the Pages app and dictate a business letter? You can voice punctuation, and include bonuses like “end stop,” “all caps on,” and “no space on,” to really knock their socks off. To top it all off, you can then open Pages on your iPad, and let them see the magic of iCloud as your dictated letter is there waiting for you.CameraIf you have a 4S, then you know that the camera kicks some serious booty. Why not get into a photo contest with your friend’s point-and-shoot camera? Heck, if you know someone with a DSLR, why not compare your shots with theirs? Even if theirs look better, people will be blown away that your smartphone is in the same ballpark. And then ask them if their clunky DSLR check their email or make calls. You can’t lose.A5The iPhone 4S got a big speed boost over its predecessor, thanks to its dual-core A5 chip. This creates another great opportunity to remind everyone that you have the newest iPhone.When someone is watching, open and close a bunch of apps as quickly as you can. If you can actually be doing something productive in the process, all the better. Then open one of the games that has been optimized for the A5, like Real Racing 2, and play it for a while. Even better, wait until Grand Theft Auto III is released and get into a high-speed cop chase through Liberty City. Your audience’s jaws are sure to drop.AntennaThe whole Antennagate thing may have been blown out of proportion last year, but it was prevalent enough to peeve some iPhone 4 buyers. This year, Apple tweaked the antenna design in the 4S so that you’d have to hold your phone like some kind of over-protective gorilla in order to make those signal bars drop.This one will really impress your iPhone 4 owning friends. Go ahead and give your phone a good death grip, and ask them to do the same with theirs. Refer to old videos from 2010 for proper form (using the YouTube app on your phone, of course). Now watch as their bars slowly drop, and yours stay right where they were. Pwned!Don’t forget running shoesAfter boasting for several minutes, you may notice that some individuals aren’t so impressed. In fact, some of them (particularly those carrying a Droid Bionic running Cyanogenmod 7) may actually try to physically confront you.That’s OK, because you came prepared with the best running shoes money can buy. Make sure your laces are tight, and that you ate a breakfast with plenty of carbohydrates. Before doing anything else, remember to place your iPhone securely in your pocket. If you lose or break your precious baby here, all of your work was in vain. If you have time, enable a GPS app to track your pace and distance. The iPhone 4S works with GLONASS satellites in addition to the standard GPS system so your data will be more accurate and your location acquisition much quicker than most competing devices.Taking the most direct escape route (preferable into a crowd), run as fast as your legs will carry you. Knocking over trash cans can help throw your pursuer off course. After escaping, double check that your follower is gone, and rest as long as you need to before repeating the process from step one.If they do happen to catch you, you can use this as an opportunity to show off your iPhone again. Limp (crawl, if needed) to the closest group of people, and ask Siri how to stop bleeding or snap a bone back into place. For your grand finale, ask Siri to call you a cab to take you to the nearest Intensive Care Unit.They’ll be blown away.last_img

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