Google Body Browser is an Interactive Grays Anatomy

first_imgGoogle yesterday launched its latest Labs experiment. The new Body Browser is something akin to a human version of Google Earth, a 3D model that lets the user spin, zoom in and out, and remove layers of the model for closer inspection.The browser features skin, muscles, bones, organs, and the circulatory and nervous systems. The user can either scale them back in that order or dial each level up and down to explore different combinations of elements. Labels can also be turned on and off to the user know precisely what they are looking at.The information is currently limited–to be expected for a program still in the Labs stages. In the future, double clicking different elements will hopefully take advantage of the vast wealth of information available via Google Search and YouTube. At present, Body Browser is only available as a female (one who looks like she stepped out Second Life), but Google says a male counterpart is coming soon.Body Browser requires Web browsers that can handle WebGL–a beta version of Chrome and new versions of Safari and Browser. The program worked in version of Chrome I downloaded (the page will prompt you to do so if you visit it with an older browser), but certain features proved a bit buggy.It will be interesting to see what becomes of the service. At present, it’s mostly an entertaining diversion.last_img

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