End of career for Bielecki

A week after Carol Bielecki (28) suffered eye-injury in friendly match between Poland and Croatia, he announced that “he has to finish his career”. Two surgery taken in Poland and Germany didn’t give adequate results. He still don’t see and for next period it’s only important to make progress, but Doctor’s are not so optimistic.Bielecki started to play in Polish Visla, when he was 15. At the age of 17 he moved to Vive Kielce, where he spend five seasons, after he went to Bundes liga. In Germany he was three years in Magdeburg (until 2007.) and from then in Rhein Neckar Lowen (until 2010.). A few days before injury, he prolonged contract with “Lions” until 2015. ← Previous Story Vladimir Canjuga a new coach of Croatia women’s team Next Story → Demetrio Lozano in CAI Aragon!

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