Searching for spring

(Updated)Spring has officially arrived. while it may not look like it outside, we’ve entered the spring season on the calendar. And despite dreary weather, there are touches of new life starting to break through the ice and snow.They say if March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb.And on the first day of spring the addition of two new lambs give hope to the addage.Nothing says spring like a newborn baby lamb. These twins were born just Thursday afternoon at Harrington Lane Farms.Krista Harrington of Harrington Lane Farms: “It was just like the best thing to come out, see a lamb and it it just gives you a push.”A push to hold out hope the weather will soon catch up to the calendar.If you look carefully there are hints of optimism budding. A few hardy plants have started to creep through the frozen ground.David Galbraith is the head of science at the RBG: “The plants are coming up above the ground now. So we’re seeing the green shoots, but we don’t see the flowers.”Even durable pansies can’t weather this cold. So gardeners eager for traditional march blooms are bringing signs of spring indoors.Dawn Thornton works at Terra: “They’re buying things for their home — like all of our bulbs and the colour and for their kitchen table.”Cyclists are waiting out the last of this winter weather, preparing for the day they can hit the road. Bike mechanic, Robert Iszkula of Bike Locke is working in overdrive so his clients have their gear ready for the thaw: “Everyone’s really wanting to push the envelope this year cause of how long our winter’s been.”A long winter makes the first taste of spring that much sweeter. So here’s hoping there’s truth in that proverb.If these signs of spring aren’t enough to cure you of the winter blues, here’s something that may cheer you up. The two little lambs born today are looking for names. One’s a boy and one’s a girl. If you have an idea, here is how to submit one.

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