Moroccos Minister of Justice Denounces His Exclusion From Upcoming Election Preparations

Casablanca – The Moroccan Minister of Justice and Liberties has denounced his exclusion from the upcoming elections in Morocco, whist the Minister of the Interior calls this a mere ‘misunderstanding’ Mustapha Ramid, Morocco’s Minister of Justice and Liberties, denounced in a post on his official Facebook page, his exclusion from the preparations for the elections, to be held October 7th.“During the previous communal elections, the Minister of Justice and Liberties collaborated with the Minister of Interior in regards to all election-related issues. Just three weeks from the elections of October 7th, one must wonder what has happened?” The minister added that as long as this is the case, he should not be held accountable for any manipulation in the elections:“The Minister of Justice and Liberties has not been consulted and does not decide anything. This means he should not be held responsible for any mediocrity, regression, abuse or deviation.”In a statement posted in the Moroccan news website, Hespress, the Minister of Interior, Mohamed Hassad, responded to Ramid’s Facebook post and said that things have evolved from a “misunderstanding”.“The scale of Central Committee in charge of tracking the elections, where I worked together with the Minister of Justice and Liberties, has always produced a performance characterized by utter respect, both from my side and his,” the minister said in a statement.Hassad continued, “we always found solutions to the problems raised in the communal and regional elections, and any problems that come up during the preparation for the forthcoming parliamentary elections.”Concerning the claims that the Ministry of Interior has orchestrated the anti-Benkirane March last Sunday, especially since there was no collaboration between the two ministers about authorizing the event, the minister stated that in the current pre-election situation, such protests should not be stopped.“Those who say that the Ministry of Interior’s invisible hand has mobilized the masses are wrong.”The Minister of Justice and Liberties does not seem convinced with Hassad’s explication. He said in statement published on Telquel:“The justice has said that there was a problem but the Minister of interior denies it. Everything is clear.”Edited by Hinna Sheikh

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