Leftover notes on the OSU-UTSA game

first_imgGorgeous sunset at halftime in Stillwater! #BPS #OKState #okwx pic.twitter.com/WNU87AviCZ— Tulsa Food Guy (@tulsafoodguy) September 14, 2014 Look into my soul, Mike. pic.twitter.com/wZY3b85YmE— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys) September 14, 2014 USATSI_8084684_154512258_lowresI wrote up my 10 Thoughts here for your enjoyment but I have a ton of notes, tweets, and videos that didn’t make the cut.Here we go…• Daxx uni thoughts: Lose the glove, keep the black 3/4 sleeves and the clear shield on the face mask. Not Weedenesque or anything that Zac would be proud of but not awful. Room for improvement, like his passing game.• Kevin Peterson played tonight like he knows how much Justin Gilbert got paid earlier this year.• A lot of stones to wear Black-Orange-Black early and in a non-conference game. We’ll chat about this more next week but I was surprised..• OSU fans when Walsh is in: “He can’t throw it far enough!” OSU fans when Daxx is in: “He throws it too far!”• Are we boring now? I don’t think we are — I think the last two games were outliers and it’s hard to not be boring against bad teams — but it’s on the table.• So much happening here.#okstate has Kate Upton and Rickie Fowler on its play-calling sideline boards. pic.twitter.com/MCsP8NeRDk— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys) September 14, 2014• Garman is very singular in what he does. In the first half it was only passes over 50 yards. In the fourth quarter it was only passes to Marcell Ateman. He’s probably only dated brunettes since middle school.• I do not say this lightly, I promise, but Daxx throws a Chris Leak-y ball. • ICYM: JW Walsh sitting on top of Boone Pickens Stadium and he was filmed doing something awkward….• I must be super soft (my wife would concur) because every time a punt return team tries to get the punting team to jump offsides by leaping at them I flinch. Mind you, I’m sitting in my office and not in the same state but I still flinch. There was a reason I played baseball, I suppose.• You can throw Marcell Ateman on my list of players I irrationally like. He can have a spot between Justin Gilbert and Wes Lunt.• Tyreek uni thoughts: Keep the QB towel, bring back the gray undershirt.• I liked UTSA’s misdirection on offense. I didn’t work a ton because Emmanuel Ogbah gonna Emmanuel Ogbah but maybe Yurcich should get a crayon out and scribble some notes down.• Daxx Garman turnovers through 7+ quarters: 0.• Why does he make so many throws off his back foot?• Random thought I had during the game: How weird would it be if Gundy grew a beard? What if he vowed to grow his beard until OSU beats OU and then it doesn’t happen until, like, 2017 and he looked like Tom Hanks in Castaway?Yeah, we need to play fewer Conference USA teams.• Well you certainly tried.#OKstate Gundy: We have to take advantage of Garman’s ability to throw down the field— Kyle Fredrickson (@kylefredrickson) September 14, 2014• I mean…• Walsh was still listed on the depth chart which is just the greatest, most Gundy thing ever:Hmmmmm pic.twitter.com/7vQYvCfALS— Colby Daniels (@Colby_Daniels) September 13, 2014Best of Twitter…Shouldn’t take Daxx long to claim his rightful place on throne beneath the neon Murphy’s palm trees. Like Zac before him & Fields before him— Carson Cunningham (@KOCOCarson) September 14, 2014 Sunset in Orange Country. #okstate pic.twitter.com/uPnrnJxWOt— Jordan Smith (@Doafhat) September 14, 2014center_img If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers! Vegas has taken the odds of “Gundy drawing up plays on an equipment trunk this season” off the board. #okstate— Carson Cunningham (@KOCOCarson) September 14, 2014last_img

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