Why is K used to indicate a strike in baseball?

first_imgMost baseball fans can recognize BB for “base on balls” and HR for “home run”, but why do they use a K to indicate a strikeout?  Here is how the story goes:  Henry Chadwick, an early baseball pioneer, is credited with developing score keeping for a baseball game.  In the 1860’s he was a sports writer in New York City.  He used the capital K for strikeout because he felt that the K was the most prominent letter in the word “strike”.Over the years, it has become common to use the capital K in its normal forward position for a swinging strikeout and a backwards K for a strikeout “looking”.If you go to the Reds games, you can watch them place these K’s on a wall in the left field stands.  Everyone is interested in this because if there are 11 or more K’s out there, every ticket holder is entitled to a free personal pizza from LaRosa’s.  Even in a losing game, people still get excited when they get close to 11 K’s on the wall in the left field stands.last_img

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