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first_img Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Thisweek Stuart Priday, HR director at Odeon Cinema, and Lynn Jack, HR director atBlockbuster Europe, compare notes on their careers in the film and entertainmentbusiness1 What are your main responsibilities? SP To deliver HR solutions that meet Odeon’s objectives and promotebest practice at over 100 locations across the UK. LJ Providing HR support to both the UK and European markets andcovering the whole spectrum of HR functions. We look after all aspects fromreward and recognition to training and recruitment. We’re a one-stop shop forhuman resources within the organisation. 2 What’s the pay like? SP Reasonable LJ Pretty favourable 3 How flexible are the hours? SP Very flexible. Essentially it is down to me to manage my time andresources effectively in order to get the job done. I can’t be accused offlouting the working time regulations! LJ There’s a lot of flexibility in the way I work. Our core openinghours are 11am to 11pm, seven days a week, so I have to be responsive to thatand play fair. 4 What do you like about the job? SP I work with a fantastic bunch of people and never cease to beenthused by the passion and commitment of Odeon employees at every level. LJ I love the look on people’s faces when they are really recognisedfor what they do and fulfil their potential. I also enjoy it when actions aretaken at a high level in the company because of suggestions or ideas from staffon the shopfloor. 5 What are the challenges? SP Consolidating two businesses following the sale of Odeon by theRank group last year and the subsequent merger of Odeon and ABC cinemas. Whileboth companies were essentially in the business of exhibiting films, thecultures were hugely different. LJ Identifying the needs of every single employee in the company allof the time. You have to keep your eye on the business to keep a broad strategywithout losing touch with what’s going on inside your own company. 6 What is your biggest headache? SP The continued increase of regulation. LJ Being a perfectionist! It’s difficult to manage my own impatience.7 What size is your team? SP There are eight of us, we have a very flat structure and I guessyou would say we are a bunch of generalists. The majority of our resources aredeployed in the field where I believe we can have the most influence over the deliveryof best practice. LJ We have an HR team of 20 people. 8 Who do you report to? SP Richard Segal, chief executive. LJ Alex Sparks, managing director, and Chris Wyatt, the internationalexecutive president. 9 What qualifications do you have? SP City & Guilds in Hotel and Catering. LJ Post graduate diploma in HR and CIPD qualified. 10 What are your career aspirations? SP I enjoy what I do and don’t give it much thought. Maybe one day Iwill fulfil a dream to own and manage my own hotel. LJ To build a legacy of HR at Blockbuster. In the future I’d alsolove to live in Canada one day, but still work for an international company. 11 What training and development opportunities are there? SP Adapting in an atmosphere of rapid change brings with it constantdevelopment opportunities, so much so it is now becoming the routine. LJ We have lots of training for different levels, so when someone newjoins they learn and develop in a very structured way which is also linked topay. I’m really proud of our induction system which is very comprehensive. 12 What is your holiday entitlement? SP 25 days LJ 25 days 13 What is your working environment like? SP Challenging and fun. LJ It’s a high-energy environment and also very informal. 14 What other benefits do you get? SP All the normal stuff, plus the odd invite to film premieres at theOdeon Leicester Square and the occasional after-show party, if I’m lucky. LJ A company car, health care and insurance, a pension and, best ofall, free video rental! 15 What’s the best part? SP The variety and the people I work with. LJ Getting out and being with the people in the stores. Stuart PridayDirector of HR, Odeon CinemasJob at a glanceSize of team: 8  Qualifications: City & Guilds in Hotel & CateringLeave: 25 daysBest part: The variety and the peopleCurriculum Vitae 1999 HR director Odeon Cinemas1998 Resourcing and development manager, Rank Entertainment1996 Training and development manager, Grosvenor Casinos1994 HR manager, Forte Heritage Hotels1992 District personnel manager, Forte Posthouse HotelsLynn JackHR director, Blockbuster EuropeJob at a glanceSize of team: 20 Qualifications: Post graduate diploma in HR and CIPD qualifiedLeave: 25 daysBest part: Getting out and being with the people in the storesCurriculum Vitae 2000 HR director, Blockbuster Europe1995 Head of leadership and development, The Body Shop1985 Variety of HR roles, Lloyds TSB Related posts:No related photos. Head to headOn 13 Nov 2001 in Personnel Todaylast_img

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