Rohee praises Blanhum for crime solving

first_img…credits Police/civilian collaboration for successGeneral Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee believes the Guyana Police Force (GPF) is finally paying heed to the public’s advice in the fight against crime and that may very well be responsible for the recent success the force has been enjoying when it comes to solving a number of cases in recent months.Rohee, a former Minister of Home Affairs, told the weekly news conference on Monday that the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) seems to be finally listening to civilians and not believing that they know it all.He said there was a time when civilians were ignored and disregarded to the detriment of successful investigation and prosecution.“Making effective use of human intelligence and civilian common sense is the way to go,” Rohee said, adding that, “dispersing CID sleuths to areas where useful information can be obtained is proving to be productive and effective.”He said making judicious and selective use of informants with well-established networks and connections’ importance in crime fighting.The former security minister, who up to recently, criticized the force for not being able to tackle the country’s spiralling crime situation, said also closer collaboration between Special Branch and CID has always been on the agenda and expressed satisfaction that this has finally been accomplished.“Special Branch is the main intelligence-gathering unit of the Guyana Police Force. Their work must be fused with criminal intelligence if continued success is to be assured,” Rohee asserted. He however warned that police investigators must uphold the ethics and rules of good professional policing.Rohee in commending Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum for his success urged that the Senior Superintendent of Police be promoted to Assistant Commissioner immediately, a rank commensurate with that of the position of Crime Chief.“However, Blanhum must at all times refuse instructions and directives of a non-professional and political nature,” Rohee warned.Over the past few months, the department has been praised by the public for its efforts in solving a number of crimes, including cold cases.Among some of the major successes are a breakthrough in the February 2008 murder of 76-year-old businessman Habiboodean for which the man’s 50-year-old daughter Bibi Habiboodean and the hit-man have been charged.The most recent success was on Sunday when investigators made a quantum leap in solving the 2010 disappearance of former BK International employee Babita Sarjou, as they dug up her skeletal remains in the Seaforth Street, Campbellville, residence of the woman’s estranged husband.Sarjou, who at the time of disapperance lived at Timehri Public Road, East Bank Demerara, left her desk and computer unattended at work in November 2010 but never returned.Her family and police have since been seeking her whereabouts. The police have also managed to solve a number of recent crimes, including robberies and murders. Only recently the force boasted of a 19 per cent reduction in serious crimes thus far for 2016.last_img read more