Subway to appeal VAT decision

first_imgSubway looks set to take the VAT fight over its toasted sandwiches to the Court of Appeal, it has been reported.The sandwich retailer has been campaigning against the decision by the government, last year, to impose 20% tax on ‘hot food’, as it believes its toasted sub-style sandwiches do not fall under this criteria.In October 2012, British Baker reported that a tribunal had ruled against the move to exempt the food-to-go sandwich firm’s ‘toasted’ sandwiches and similar products sold by bakery retailers from the 20% tax.It is now believed that Subway has won the right to appeal that decision.Last year, Dipak Jotangia, partner at Dass Solicitors, who has been representing Subway for the case, told British Baker: “We are currently considering advice with a view to appealing the judgment. We believe the judge has failed to understand, among other things, the application of a fundamental principle of European law. Any appeal would be to the Court of Appeal and it may well be that the question(s) of fundamental European law may need to be referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union.“Subway is determined to fight the unfairness that it and many other businesses are facing. One of the key issues at the heart of the case is the purpose test, which has led to the unequal treatment of such products. Subway is aware of the repercussions of this case, not only for itself but for many other firms in the food retail and baking industry.”It is thought that up to £1 billion in tax revenues could be at stake, if Subway is successful with its appeal.last_img read more

Steely Dan Performs ‘Countdown To Ecstasy’ At New York’s Beacon Theatre [Photos]

first_imgLoad remaining images It wasn’t until returning to the stage for an encore of “Reelin’ in the Years” that Donald Fagen acknowledged the absence of Steely Dan’s other half. “I’d like to thank my long-time partner Walter Becker for helping me write some pretty cool songs,” he said. Then, in the darkly humorous tone that both Becker and he embraced, Fagen added, “Unfortunately, Walter couldn’t be with us here tonight.”For a band that didn’t consider itself a band and gave up performing live at the height of its popularity in search of perfection in the studio, Steely Dan has turned out to the be one of the most reliable touring acts of the past decade. Settling in for multi-show residencies that focus on entire albums and greatest hits has been part of their touring success, and this year’s nine-night run at New York’s Beacon Theatre continues the tradition in the post-Walter Becker world.Wednesday night’s featured album was Countdown to Ecstasy, the Dan’s 1973 follow-up to the surprising success of their 1972 debut, Can’t Buy a Thrill. Sales expectations were initially high for Countdown, and so many copies were produced that discounted cutouts were available in record bins for most of the ‘70s. It was a fine effort that demonstrated a step forward from their pop-infused debut, but the album failed to produce the monster radio hits that the era demanded. Fortunately, Countdown has aged well, featuring familiar favorites such as “Bodhisattva” and “My Old School” alongside once-lesser tracks like “Pearl of the Quarter”, “The Boston Rag”, and “King of the World”, which have since emerged as standouts.Fagen and Becker once shuttled studio players in and out for specific riffs, but the current lineup of stellar musicians has remained steady for many years. Guitarist Jon Herrington and drummer Keith Carlock are joined by a four-piece horn section, three backup singers (including Catherine Russell, who’s a noted jazz singer in her own right), Jim Beard on keys and Freddie Washington on bass. Though not exactly Walter Becker’s replacement, the only new member of the band is Connor Kennedy, a superb young guitarist whom Fagen initially recruited for his Nightflyers band.In addition to the complete Countdown to Ecstasy, Wednesday’s show featured multiple selections from Aja, including “Black Cow”, “Josie”, “Peg”, and the title track. “Kid Charlemagne” from The Royal Scam and “Hey Nineteen” from Gaucho rounded out the evening.Upcoming shows through October 30th will spotlight Aja and Gaucho as well Fagen’s The Nightfly solo album. For more information on the upcoming Steely Dan shows at the Beacon, head here.You can check out a gallery of photos from the performance below via photographer Lou Montesano.Steely Dan | Beacon Theatre | New York, NY | 10/24/18 | Photos: Lou Montesanolast_img read more

Colombia-FARC Peace Talks are Focus of CHDS Hemispheric Forum

first_imgBy Dialogo February 18, 2013 Long wracked by brutal drug violence, Colombia is finally enjoying a dramatic resurgence. The economy is on the upswing, poverty is diminishing and the middle class is expanding. Meanwhile, tourists are rediscovering Colombia’s lush rural beauty and sophisticated cities. But a persistent problem remains: the government’s longstanding battle against the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). On Feb. 6, the National Defense University’s Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies explored the factors that recently led both sides to the negotiating table, as well as the chances for success of peace talks now underway in Havana, Cuba. The CHDS symposium, entitled “Hemispheric Forum on the Colombia Peace Negotiations,” featured Colombian Army Gen. Carlos Alberto Ospina Ovalle — now a professor at the center — as well as Carlos Urrutia, Colombia’s ambassador to the United States, and several Washington-based specialists on Latin America. “As we’ve seen from peace processes across the Americas, without effective implementation, even the most ironclad agreement negotiated completely in good faith runs the risk of breakdown and failure,” said the event’s moderator, Eric Farnsworth, vice-president of the Council of the Americas. “It is here that the international community can and should be expected to play a meaningful role. Farnsworth also said prospects for a binding peace agreement may be as good as they’ve ever been. “This is the best moment in a generation — and some would say ever — to think about a final resolution of the conflict,” he said. “But we won’t even get to the implementation phase if the parties cannot conclude a peace agreement themselves.” Urrutia: FARC’s prospects are ‘grim’ The FARC, which both Washington and Bogotá classify as a terrorist organization, claims to represent the rural poor against the economic depredation of Colombia’s elite. But Colombian government officials have long denounced FARC’s tactics, which include kidnapping, ransom demands, drug-running and violence. The conflict has been ongoing since the 1950s, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths and the displacement of millions of people. This past August, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced that his government was engaging in exploratory talks with FARC officials in hopes of ending the conflict. The Havana talks are tentative but ongoing — and no one knows where they will lead. Urrutia told the standing-room only audience that Colombia’s military, enhanced by modern technology and intelligence capabilities, has FARC on the ropes and that it’s only a matter of time before the terrorists lay down their arms and agree to deep concessions. “FARC’s prospects going forward are certainly grim,” Urrutia said. “Society no longer tolerates its vicious actions, and [Colombian government] concessions that would have been on the table 12 years ago are now unthinkable. FARC’s involvement in the international drug trade and the international labeling of FARC as a terrorist organization has greatly diminished its standing and it has no room for improvement.” Different ideas on what peace looks like But David Spencer, assistant professor of national security affairs at CHDS, had a less optimistic view of the talks currently underway. “FARC does not think like western governments do,” Spencer said. “They have a very different approach …and the organization has a number of characteristics that make them an extremely frustrating opponent to deal with.” Spencer also said the Colombian state and FARC also have very different ideas of what a successfully negotiated peace settlement would look like. “The state defines end of conflict as demobilization, disarmament and reintegration,” Spencer explained. “FARC claims the guns will stop firing when society is transformed into a socialist state.” A general’s perspective Ray Walser, senior Latin America policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation, said public opinion in Colombia clearly supports the concept of a negotiated peace. “The current insurgency is a narcoterrorist organization that lacks political legitimacy and is outside the orbit of a democratic conversation. The tactics they employ are evolving, but seizure of power is still the objective.” Indeed, Colombia’s Gen. Ospina, chief of the defense chair at CHDS, said it would be foolish to underestimate the FARC’s commitment to its goals. “The goal of the FARC will not change,” he said. “They will always try to seize power one way or another.” But he also said acquiescing to outrageous demands is not an option. “Negotiating with terrorists is not a healthy practice,” Ospina told his audience. “However, we have to admit that it has worked in other parts of the world, like Central America and Nepal. So maybe it’s not healthy, but it could be useful.” Even so, said the retired general, “if the peace process means impunity for the FARC leaders and allows them to participate in politics, I will have to strongly oppose the peace process. Justice has to be served, and guilty terrorists have to pay for their crimes. Peace cannot be obtained at all costs.” let’s hope the government can reach an agreement with the FARC Well, the comments of these men have absolutely no actual substance and are based on fallacies and lies, real life is different. The useless campaign against the FARCs and the entire Colombian Progressive Movement has been for nothing, of them being “terrorists”, “narc terrorists” all of that crap they know it isn’t true, and is only intended to disgrace the revolutionary, patriotic and anti-empire insurgency. This is a military-politic struggle that is opposed to the political model of the current and past Colombian administration, and will fight it, if not them, others will wield their arms to defend its rights and not be killed by said criminal oligarchy, and this campaign will not prosper with all the warmongers (free birds) and military chiefs. In regards to this page, actually is an eye-opening page for many people who don’t have any knowledge or idea of this situation in which we’re sinking due to the ambition of the great oligarchies of the country, who sell the wealth of the nation in exchange for very little which they keep for themselves, and the poor person becomes even poorer and they don’t seem to care about the suffering of anyone. In this country we definitely need a HUGO CHAVEZ, FRIAS was right to lend him his support, he actually deserved it, but the media belong to the oligarchy and through them they brainwash the ignorant and educated people of this country I offer to the PEACE dialogues all the inventory of 56% of the municipal area of Cali, usurped by the most distinguished original families of Cali, I am a rebel with a cause because I know the almond tree on the inside, the COMMON LANDS are public property intended by the Political Regime of the Municipal’s Code exclusively to develop and execute dwelling plans, to learn to share the urban background formula for the social coexistence, which is the road to peace. If you wish to publish the memoirs that I’ve prepared for thirty years and given the negligence of Cali’s City Hall and the submissive Councilmen of Cali, I will submit under my responsibility the social work of my doing in my capacity as a 72 year-old civil engineer. ALL THE DOCUMENTS ARE AUTHENTICATED FROM LONG TIME AGO AND RATIFIED BY NOTARIES OF THAT TIME, you may designate whom you consider appropriate to verify the documentation. Claudio Borrero Quijano – C.C. 17.044.580 Bogota – T.P. 7260 Civil Engineer of the Postal Code of Cundinamarca – Former Councilmen of Cali during four terms. I’m sending a BLOG of my writings in the weekly posting at Caliescribe.con CALEÑA DIGITAL MAGAZINElast_img read more

Young & Free Michigan’s Winters among top 20 Live! host finalists

first_img 7SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Young & Free Michigan Spokester Erin Winters is among the top 20 finalists to sit in the co-host chair next to Kelly Ripa during one episode of Live with Kelly!The “Live with Kelly and You” Co-host Search Contest solicited videos from aspiring talk show hosts throughout the United States and Canada. The first entry from Winters was selected as one of the top 40 entries among the thousands of videos submitted. Once in the top 40, Winters was asked to submit a second video with a “How To…” theme. The Live with Kelly staff then narrowed down the contest entries to 20. Winters was one of the lucky participants to be selected.Winters and Young & Free Michigan are powered by Michigan First CU, based in Lathrup Village, Mich.“My dad encouraged me to enter the contest and, on a whim, I decided to give it a shot,” said Winters. “Serving as the Young & Free Michigan Spokester has truly helped me leverage my creativity and personality when on camera. I’m hoping to bring that energy and excitement to New York and Live with Kelly.” continue reading »last_img read more

Team Elio won the first place of the Opatija incubator Creative Tourism Lab

first_imgRELATED NEWS: “I am very pleased and pleasantly surprised by what I saw. The organizers really put in the effort, the pitches were great and the discussion was constructive and stimulating. I certainly believe that such initiatives are necessary and useful to give young people the right opportunity”, Said Roberto Gobo from Valamar. As part of the event held in the hall of Villa Antonio in Opatija, the participants of the program presented to the audience and investors their business ideas that they have developed over the past two months, of which the three best ideas brought cash prizes. Based on the evaluations of the mentors and the jury, the first prize went to the team Elio (Sara Sušanj, Nika Kurti, Emil Rubinić,…) with its application for interactive guided tours, the second place went to the team Sea Memory (Korana Kraguljac, Tonči Brnečić) who created an innovative and an authentic souvenir, while third place went to the Grop team (Ana and Oliver Kamenečki) for an online platform for discovering indigenous local products. “I’m glad to see things like this happen. Also, it is somehow logical for the center of tourist innovations to be launched in Opatija, the cradle of Croatian tourism.”, Emphasized Aljoša Domijan from ABC Accelerator, and continuedWe are following the development of this story with a watchful eye and I think that we will soon have a lot more space for cooperation.” Hubbazia’s activities so far are an overture for the EU project “Establishment of the business incubator of the city of Opatija – Hubbazia” within the Urban Agglomeration of Rijeka. The aim of the project is to establish an incubator specializing in tourism activities that would be a leader in business innovation in the region and a link between young and creative people and existing companies. Immediately before the awards ceremony, a panel discussion was held on the topic “The role of innovation in tourism” with the participation of Valamar’s innovation director Roberto Gobo, RDA Prigoda director Vedran Kružić, founder and investor of Ljubljana’s ABC Accelerator Aljoša Domijan and Silos Group director Mateo Stupičić. while the discussion was moderated by Vanja Vitezić, postdoctoral student and assistant at the Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality.center_img “I am extremely proud that the City of Opatija was the first to decide to make such a step forward. In the midst of a strong outflow of young people, such initiatives and a constructive environment can encourage young and enterprising people to venture into business ventures in Croatia. I am of the opinion that self-employment and constant improvement are the foundations on which a better future can and must be built. Now we are arranging the space to provide the best possible working conditions, and even richer and better quality programs”, Concluded Deputy Mayor Emil Priskić. The City of Opatija, in cooperation with Silos Group doo and a partner, the Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality, at the beginning of the year began organizing a program of free workshops called “Creative Tourism Lab Opatija – incubation program”. Yesterday, on Thursday, May 23, the pilot program called “Creative Tourism Lab” within the new Opatija center of creative tourist innovations “Hubbazia” was concluded with a solemn event. You can find more about Creative Tourism Lab – Opatija HERE.last_img read more

NLDS Highlights: Max Muncy, Kike Hernández give Dodgers early lead

first_img— MLB (@MLB) October 10, 2019An official review sent Joc Pederson back to second with a ground rule double.Dodger fans watching at the stadium and in their living rooms shared reaction to the first inning home run.Home Run Dodgers! #NLDSgame5 AND THE CROWD GOES WILD! — Rebecca Venis (@rvenis) October 10, 2019 Fire danger is on Dave Roberts’ mind as Dodgers head to San Francisco Dodgers take a 3-0 lead with homers by Max Muncy and Hernandez @InsideSoCalSpts— Scott Varley (@VarleyPhoto) October 10, 2019Strasburg has allowed five hits, three earned runs and a walk in two innings pitched. He has one strikeout.Third inning:Walker Buehler has two strikeouts while allowing one hit and a walk after three innings pitched.Fourth inning:Clutch catch by Cody Bellinger. The Dodgers lead Nationals 3-0.Spoiler alert: He caught it.— Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) October 10, 2019Sixth inning:The Nationals scored their first run of the game in the top of the inning against Walker Buehler. A Dodgers’ double play at first and second recorded the first two outs. Kenta Maeda was also seen warming up in the bullpen.Seventh inning:Buehler comes out to start the inning at 97 pitches. Clayton Kershaw is warming up in the Dodgers’ bullpen.Buehler’s 100th pitch is a 94-mph fastball that hit Kurt Suzuki in the head. Suzuki was able to walk off the field on his own and headed into the dugout to get checked out.Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Walker Buehler (21) hits Washington Nationals Kurt Suzuki (28) with a pitch in game 5 of the NLDS @InsideSoCalSpts @jphoornstra— Scott Varley (@VarleyPhoto) October 10, 2019After a career high 117 pitches from Buehler, his night is done. Kershaw comes in the finish the inning.Eighth inning:Kershaw gives up a home run to Anthony Rendon. On the next at-bat, Juan Soto hits a solo home run of his own to tie the game at 3.Kershaw’s night is done. Maeda is in.Ninth inning:Joe Kelly comes in and records the first strikeout of the inning. Dodgers and Nationals remain tied at 3.Kelly and the Dodgers come out clean in the top of the 9th inning quickly.Dodgers have the winning run with Hernández on first.Tenth inning:HOWIE. KENDRICK. #NLDS— MLB (@MLB) October 10, 2019The Nationals have loaded the bases with Kelly on the mound. Howie Kendrick hits a grand slam and the Nationals lead 7-3.Nationals advance. Dodgers eliminated.Related Articles how grandma josie feels about that max muncy homerun #dodgers— zak puno (@ZakPuno) October 10, 2019Second inning: Kike Hernández hit a solo home run to give the Dodgers a 3-0 lead against the Nationals.¡VAMOS, KIKÉ!— Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) October 10, 2019 How Dodgers pitcher Ross Stripling topped the baseball podcast empire Dodgers hit seven home runs, sweep Colorado Rockies Dodgers’ Max Muncy trying to work his way out of slow start Cody Bellinger homer gives Dodgers their first walkoff win of season Follow along for in-game highlights and updates throughout Game 5 of the National League Division Series between the Dodgers and Nationals.First inning:Max Muncy hit a 2-run home run to give the Dodgers an early lead against pitcher Stephen Strasburg and the Nationals in the first inning at Dodger Stadium.THAT one is over the fence! #NLDS Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more