Apple reportedly in talks with LG for iPad Mini

first_imgAmazon is drawing a lot of buzz with tomorrow’s launch of the economical Kindle Fire tablet. Many suggest that it will be the first rival to eat into the iPad’s overwhelming market dominance. As it turns out, Apple may be planning a new addition to the iPad line that will directly combat this new threat. A new leak suggests that the company is in talks with LG to produce displays for a smaller iPad.The report says that Apple is currently negotiating a long-term deal with LG. The deal would allegedly have LG supplying displays for a 7.35-inch iPad from 2012 through 2016.This isn’t the first time that a smaller iPad has been rumored, but it is the first time that the rumors are based on (alleged) supply chain leaks. Previous information came from market analysts, who often understand current market conditions better than they do Apple’s tendencies and priorities. This could, however, end up being a case where they were right.Of course this iPad Mini (or iPad Nano?) would certainly be sold alongside the larger iPad 3, rather than in place of it. While Apple has thus far avoided splitting its iPhone or iPad lines into separate tiers, it wouldn’t be unheard of — Macs and iPods have been sold in a variety of sizes (and prices) for years.A smaller, cheaper iPad would certainly be a powerful counterattack to the Kindle Fire, but its ultimate success would probably depend on how it would be priced. Apple wouldn’t likely match Amazon’s content-subsidized $200 price tag, but a $250-300 iPad could very well put a damper on the Fire’s momentum. If they set the price any higher than that, they’d be overshooting the Kindle Fire’s target demographic — average consumers who want a quality tablet for cheap.Of course this rumor should be taken with several grains of salt. Much information can be garnered from supply chain leaks, but they’re just as likely to be bogus as they are legit.via 9to5Mac, IDG Newslast_img read more