Paco: “It is as important to finish LaLiga as its quality, that it is not a single against married”

first_img“The important thing is the people. We will see ourselves immersed in an ERTE and that creates uncertainty” The goal of the season for Paco remains the same and the margin, a little higher than the rest of the teams. Rayo is still pending the postponed match against Albacete. “We are eleven and a half short. Our idea is to get into the playoff and for this we have to try to make a strong start. We came from a spectacular inertia, but that has already been lost and we all started from scratch, “he explained. To achieve this, will they be able to count on those players who end their contracts on June 30?” The pertinent organizations will have to make this clear, but applying the logic, the contracts will be extended until the end of the course “.Paco, Sandoval, Fran Fernández and Ramis agreed in their applause and thanks to all the professionals who have taken a step forward in this coronavirus crisis. “These situations bring out the best and worst in people, but the human being is so stupid that he forgets quickly and surely in five years we will be as stupid as now. Hopefully it will last several generations“the rayista coach concluded. BEHIND CLOSED DOORS YOUR PLAYERS Paco Jémez addressed the hypothetical future that LaLiga holds, during a gathering on-line organized by the coaching school of the Royal Madrid Football Federation (RFFM), in which Sandoval, Ramis, Fran Fernández also participated and which was moderated by Petón. “I have no doubt that the championship will end, I do not think we will reach 2021. You have to find a place to finish it as soon as possible and that other future competitions are not compromised. No problem to play in the summer. Of course, it will be very difficult to do it in front of people. We are getting used to the idea that it will be without an audience. We are concerned about health and we want it to be risk-free if we compete “, started the franjirrojo coach.It would not be Paco’s first experience without spectators in the stands. He already faced it during his time in Mexico at the head of the Cruz Azul. “It was against Veracruz. A very strange thing. Only the screams of the players and coaches could be heard. The essence was missing, which is the people“he recalled and added:” Acclimating to that is more mental than physical. We will have to adapt. When we start there will be no excuses and the set-up will also make us return to routines and put everyone in their place. “Beyond that, the coach knows that he will have his staff to death:” I trust them and I know when I have to squeeze them they will be there. Definitely“center_img “We are getting used to the idea of ​​playing without an audience. We will have to adapt because the essence is missing, which is the people” In addition to the physical is the emotional aspect of footballers. Something to which the coaches attach great importance. In these tough times … the answer is empathy. “We are at your disposal to help you in any way possible. He just caught me like a dog. I have my daughter studying here in Madrid, my mother and sister in Córdoba, my wife and my other daughter is in A Coruña … And the same players, some have their family in another country. And the shit we have on top is so big … that thinking about football is difficult for me now. With this pile of shit around, talking about football can be frivolous for people, “reflected Paco. While the competition resumes or not, all the technicians have sent homework to their pupils in the hope that a set-up can be done before starting. “I know they work at home, they have their planning and material was brought to them. We send them videos to entertain and memorize what they usually do, but the important thing is to care about people and we will be immersed in some ERTE that create uncertainty. When we return we will need almost a preseason. The longer we stand, the more we will need later. I do not get accounts so that the competition has a minimum of rigor …“argued Mr. Rayista.Paco asks for a minimum of three weeks of preseason so that the group can be at the top again. “It is as important to start the competition as it is of quality and we do not see a single against married. Let’s see if the races are going to make us destroy it: it can bring injuries, decreased performance … “, explained the coach, who also spoke about the new problems looming on the horizon:” We are getting into an unknown scenario, playing in summer with extreme temperatures, every 72 hours, without an audience, perhaps without youth squad … Is a fregao where we will go around the cakes as they come to us. Although we will all be in the same conditions. “last_img read more