James Haskell – Stade Francais, Wasps and England

first_imgLATEST RUGBY WORLD MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION DEALS Tom Rees TAGS: Wasps James Haskell doesn’t like being picked lastWhen he was hitting the headlines for his talent rather than being the boy in pink, Rugby World caught up with ‘Dot Cotton’ when he was still at Wasps to talk about bugbears, dressing as ‘Son of Lol’, and being Prime Minister for the day.  RUGBY WORLD: Last year, Tom Rees revealed that you wanted to be known as The Haskellator. What would you like to say in response?JAMES HASKELL: He’s always making up names like that. Unfortunately, it’s libellous. I’m usually just Hask and sometimes Dot Cotton because I have my own website. Reesy is known as Reesbot. When he was younger he and his father built a robot for Robot Wars – a brilliant story to tell the Wasps players. [Rees says this story is fabricated!]RW: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?JH: I was thinking about this the other day. The ability to stop time and go backwards and forwards. Then you could find out what the lottery numbers are, who shot JFK and so on.RW: If you were prime minister for a day, what would you do?JH: I’d make prisoners pick up litter and clear up the sides of roads. We’ve got all those criminals watching TV all day – we should get them to do all those things.RW: Do you have any other bugbears?JH: Plenty – the congestion charge, speed cameras. I hate speed cameras.RW: What’s your party trick?JH: I don’t have one. Tom Rees does a brilliant card trick, though, like Derren Brown. You pick a card and when the pack is folded out the card you picked has a different back to all the others.RW: Any embarrassing moments?JH: A catalogue of them. When I was younger I touched the ball for the first time in a match and scored a try – but it was on my own try-line! Some parent – bear in mind this was under-nines not U16s – yelled: ‘You complete plonker!’ For a long, long time afterwards I was thinking whether I should keep playing.Young Guns, Artemis Challenge and being a ‘Crackberry’…RW: Did you go to a Wasps Christmas party dressed as Lawrence Dallaglio?JH: Yeah, one year I did. I was being nicknamed ‘Son of Lol’ at that time and I was very pleased with my costume because a lot of people thought I was him for a while. I had this bald mask and then stuck little bits of hair to it. I spent a lot of time getting it right.RW: What would you like to achieve outside of rugby?JH: Well, I’ve got my Young Guns Academy to give kids the opportunities I’ve had. It’s good for them to have proper coaching. I’d also like to make sure I was a fully-rounded person. RW: You also had a go at sailing in the summer [above]. How was that?JH: It was unbelievable. I took part in the Artemis Challenge in Cowes Week and raised money for Help for Heroes. It was a lot of hard work, but a great day. We had a crewe of eight and were out there for four hours and it was still pretty hard, so I don’t know how guys do it around the world on their own for three months. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the race and, for a Wasp, that’s not acceptable. My aim was to beat Alastair Campbell on one of the other boats. There was no way I wanted to lose to him, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. I’m never going to live it down!RW: Who would you like to be trapped in a lift with?JH: The Swedish U21s volleyball team.RW: A house or car aside, what’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought?JH: I paid for a holiday for my parents – I took them to South Africa. They had a fantastic time and it was a thank you for keeping me on the straight and narrow.RW: What couldn’t you live without?JH: My mobile phone. I check it before I go to sleep and if I get up in the night I’ll check my emails and everything. I think I’m what they call a ‘Crackberry’!Check out his profile for England Check out his Twitter pageA cheeky try for new side Stade Francais…Learn more about James’ teammates at England…Dylan HartleyJoe Worsleylast_img read more

RTL.de: Istria, green dot on the European covid map

first_img “Given the fact that we are very close to Italy and that a large number of people from Istria go to work in Italy every day, we have been monitoring the situation in Italy since the beginning of February and preparing in time for the possible spread of the infection. As soon as the situation in Italy worsened, we immediately took appropriate measures that ultimately determined the entire course of the successful fight against Covid-19. Eight days before the national crisis team introduced protective measures, we have already restricted free movement in Istria, reduced the working hours of certain institutions and companies, introduced mandatory wearing of masks indoors and various other measures, thus preventing the full extent of the COVID pandemic. 19 “, The director of the Istrian Tourist Board, Denis Ivošević, told sea-help.eu, and reports RTL.de. This is a big step forward, because now the restriction of travel to a country will be transparent and automated, without political “games”, which is a prerequisite for the stability of tourism. After that Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published on its website that only Istria in the heart of Europe stands out in green, now the same news is reported by the German media. Istria canceled all major events in the summer season, but developed some other concepts according to the epidemiological situation. “We have invested a lot to make the holiday safe for everyone involved. “, Ivosevic told the Süddeutsche Zeitung. As the German market is our main emitting market, and especially Istria, which, among other things, has cooperation with FC Bayern, such news is extremely positive. Regardless of the current situation and the tourist season, the situation in Istria throughout the summer, as now, is a big pledge for 2021 because Istria has justified the trust and proved that they are ready to react quickly, which gives great security to tourists. It is security and timely response to the emergency situation that will be the currency that will be sought in the second year. Just last week, an agreement was reached between the EU member states, which defined them common criteria to mark regions by the number of coronavirus infected. Based on the data provided by the Member States to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, a map of EU countries by different colors or zones (green, orange, red, gray) – and by regions, which is crucial. And that is why it is not surprising that the media focuses on Istria, because while other countries are introducing curfews and increasingly strict epidemiological measures, Istria is the only one of all countries and regions in green. center_img / / / AGREEMENT BETWEEN EU MEMBER STATES: DEFINED COMMON CRITERIA FOR MARKING REGIONS BY NUMBER OF CORONAVIRUS INFECTED At an early stage, Istria sought a regional approach to the restriction of free movement, ie to map epidemiologically and look at each county individually, both in Croatia and in the EU, and took epidemiological measures that citizens adhered to, both before and today. region with the least number of new cases, both in Croatia and in Europe. Source: RTL.de When the number of corona infections in Croatia increased in the summer, Istria reacted immediately. Wearing protective masks became mandatory in all stores, and hands had to be disinfected before entering the store. Only 15 customers were allowed to enter the supermarket on 100 square meters of retail space. For weekly outdoor markets, 20 visitors were allowed per 100 square meters of space, also with the obligatory wearing of masks. Likewise, public transport drivers were no longer allowed to transport people without masks. Special precautions were also applied on the beach, such as deckchairs that were widely spaced and regularly disinfected. It seems that tourists and residents of Istria behaved in an exemplary manner in order to preserve their small green oasis in the middle of the red crown pandemic, they conclude in the RTL report. last_img read more