Wii U appears on eBay for 99999 as preorders dry up

first_imgMany gamers may remain skeptical about the gaming experience Nintendo is set to offer with the launch of the Wii U. However, that doesn’t seem to have stopped people pre-ordering the new console en masse and to the point where they are now sold out at certain key locations.One example of this is GameStop, which has now ceased taking pre-orders as they have reached their hardware allocation limit. Other retailers are sure to follow soon.With pre-orders drying up the inevitable has happened and eBay is now starting to fill up with over-priced auctions for the new machine. A quick skim of the site reveals the $349.99 Wii U Deluxe being offered anywhere from $499.99 right up to a ridiculous $999.99 (with free shipping!). Would anyone really pay that?Depending on how fast Nintendo can ship out Wii U consoles in the run up to Christmas, there may be a shortage come December. At that point some people will start viewing $1,000 as acceptable to keep their kids happy on Christmas day rather than waiting a few weeks and saving $650.No one should be surprised by this as it happens around the launch of any new console. And it could be purely because Nintendo doesn’t have much stock of the machine due to problems manufacturing the GamePad.After a less than great Wii U introduction earlier this year, Nintendo must be happy with how the preview event went last week and that pre-orders are more than healthy for the new machine. Now they just need to deliver on the games and hope that Nintendo TVii is as good as it sounds.via The Verge and Kotakulast_img read more