Video: Texas Holder Gives Oklahoma The Middle Finger On Field Goal Snap

first_img The Texas holder is childish 😂😂— Darryl Schroeder (@DarrylSchroeder) October 12, 2019This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Bujcevski do this in a game with Oklahoma either.As Saturday Down South points out, it happened during last year’s Big 12 Championship Game as [email protected]— Coach Hartings (@CoachHartings) December 1, 2018You’d think someone would’ve noticed this, and that it would certainly violate the oft-remarked upon Big 12 taunting rules.Maybe if he really wants to get some attention, he’d throw a Horns Down to signal for the snap. Texas holder Ryan Bujcevski flips the bird ahead of a field goal.FOXNo one is going to be surprised to learn there is some serious animus between Oklahoma and Texas. The two sides have a tight one going in today’s Red River Showdown, midway through the third quarter. Oklahoma leads Texas 17-10 after an incredible CeeDee Lamb touchdown.That hatred flows all the way down from the teams’ top players to the special teamers who may only see the field a few times a game. Longhorns punter Ryan Bujcevski also serves as the team’s holder, and he may have a very specific way of greeting the Sooners when he’s in that role.During Texas’ first scoring play of the day, a 49-yard field goal by Cameron Dicker, Bujcevski appeared to give Oklahoma the middle finger as he was signaling for the snap. There’s a chance this is a normal thing for him, but we certainly haven’t seen him before, and if you toss in Oklahoma’s presence here, you can see how people are coming to that conclusion.Either that, or he’s trolling Texas’ long snapper. It’s hard to say, but either way, the gesture is hard to mistake.last_img read more